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College professors are not all old, stuffy windbags. Many of them are youngish professionals who are embracing social media as a way to interact with students and colleagues and keep up with trends in their fields. Here are 50 business profs with Twitter feeds worth following.

The Twitter All-Stars

These tweeters have recorded a massive number of tweets and usually tweet multiple times each day.

  1. Craig Froehle: At 21,000 tweets and counting, this prof at the University of Cincinnati and self-described “technology junkie” is a Twitter power-user.
  2. Shashi Bellamkonda: Mr. B. is an adjunct marketing prof at Georgetown who’s tweeted nearly 70,000 times about social media and small business.
  3. Prof Simon Chadwick: Chadwick is a professor of sport business strategy and tweets about… sports and business.
  4. Patrick Strother: Patrick is a visiting professor at the U of Minnesota who loves the guitar so much he recently joined the Minnesota Guitar Society.
  5. Sidneyeve Matrix: Besides being the owner of an awesome name, Ms. Matrix also teaches marketing at Queen’s University.
  6. Bruce D. Weinberg: Find Bruce teaching marketing at Bentley University, and online tweeting about bikes and “the nooks and crannies of the internet.”
  7. Kathy Snavely: The bio for @ProfS proclaims Kathy Snavely as one of the top 100 Marketing Profs on Twitter; you be the judge. She teaches at Penn State.
  8. Chris Roush: Chris Roush is a faithful twitterer who teaches biz journalism at North Carolina.
  9. Bob Metcalfe: The guy who invented Ethernet also happens to be an award-winning, tweeting business prof at UT Austin.
  10. Gary Schirr: Mr. Schirr’s stint as a marketing prof is his “third-career” job, and he’s broken the 10,000 mark with tweets about service innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Crimsons

These business profs are part of Harvard’s strong faculty presence on Twitter.

  1. Zeynep Ton: Ms. Ton teaches business operations at Harvard and was ranked one of the 40 best professors under 40.
  2. Clay Christensen: The author of multiple titles on the subject of innovation, Christensen is also an award-winning professor of business administration at this Ivy League school.
  3. Bill George: Bill George penned the best-selling True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership and teaches business at Harvard.
  4. Noam Wasserman: Noam Wasserman stays busy teaching biz administration at Harvard and working on his forthcoming book on entrepreneurship.
  5. John Deighton: MBA prof John Deighton co-founded the Journal of Interactive Marketing and tweets about business in a digital world.
  6. Tom Eisenmann: Professor Eisenmann has a lengthy pedigree that includes editing the Strategic Management Journal and a textbook on internet business, and directing Harvard Business Publishing.
  7. Deepak Malhotra: Get tweets from the Harvard prof behind the hit book professor, auteur et conférencier” works at the University of Ottawa and tweets about marketing (in French).
  8. Mike Redwood: This marketing prof in Somerset, UK is a self-described “leather expert” with over 10,000 tweets under his belt.

The Internationals

These profs teach outside the U.S. or specialize in international business. You may have to use that “translate the page” button to appreciate their tweets.

  1. Bhupesh Shah: Mr. Shah teaches at the International School of Business in Toronto and founded marketing company ethnicomm.
  2. Joe Haslam: Mr. Haslam is an associate prof at IE Business School in Spain, and he’s trilingual, so watch for tweets in Irish.
  3. Andres Silva A.: Andres teaches marketing at Universidad Andrés Bello in Chile and is the president of social media marketing company Redmeter.
  4. Gary Stewart: Another prof at IE in Madrid, Gary Stewart is also the director of Wayra Spain.
  5. Ian P. McCarthy: Professor McCarthy of Canada’s Simon Fraser University tweets about management and biz ops.
  6. Martha Gabriel: Ms. Gabriel is an accomplished author and MBA prof in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and she’s approaching 10,000 tweets.
  7. Alberto Andreu: Alberto is another IE Business School prof and holds the position of Chief Sustainability Officer at Telefónica.
  8. Berenice Ring: Berenice teaches MBA classes in Brazil and is an expert on the subject of branding.
  9. Luc Dupont: This “professor, auteur et conférencier” works at the University of Ottawa and tweets about marketing (in French).
  10. Mike Redwood: This marketing prof in Somerset, UK is a self-described “leather expert” with over 10,000 tweets under his belt.

The Executives

These profs are company chiefs who teach in their off time.

  1. Glen Gilmore, Esq.: Mr. Gilmore takes time out from teaching marketing at Rutgers and heading the Gilmore Business Network to tweet about social media in business.
  2. John Heenan: @jheenan brings you tweets about marketing from this adjunct prof at American University and CMO at Luckie & Co.
  3. Johanna Skilling: She’s a marketing prof at NYU, an author, and executive VP at marketing firm Euro RSCG.
  4. David Aaker: Mr. Aaker is a professor emeritus at UC Berkeley, an author, and vice-chairman of the marketing company Prophet Brand.
  5. Beverly Macy: Ms. Macy is the CEO of Gravity Summit LLC and teaches management at UCLA, but she also qualifies for the writers and Twitter all-stars categories.
  6. Nouriel Roubini: In addition to “tweeter,” his titles include NYU professor, author, blogger, and chairman of Roubini Global Economics.
  7. Muhammad Yunus: Professor Yunus is “the father of microfinance,” a Nobel laureate, and head of the Yunus Centre.
  8. Carol Phillips: “Millennials” are the passion of this Notre Dame marketing prof and president of marketing firm Brand Amplitude.
  9. Allen H. Kupetz: Allen is the president of Kpartnerz, Inc., an international market research company, and he teaches international business at the Crummer Graduate School of Business.
  10. Alan See: Mr. See’s resume includes associate professor for the University of Phoenix and vice president of marketing at Mindleaders.

The Writers

These professors have proven they can string sentences together at more than 140 characters at a time.

  1. Rosabeth Moss Kanter: Ms. Kanter is a business prof at Harvard and author of SuperCorp.
  2. Stefan Stern: Mr. Stern is a visiting prof at Cass Business School in London and writes regularly for The Independent.
  3. Erik Qualman: By day, @equalman is a professor at Hult International Business School and author of Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business.
  4. John Gallaugher: “Professor of the Year” John Gallaugher offers his textbook Information Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology for free online.
  5. Christopher S. Penn: Marketing prof, speaker, author, ninja. Christopher S. Penn is the whole package.
  6. David Albrecht: Professor Albrecht teaches accounting and writes for financial blog The Summa.
  7. Jennifer Aaker: As the author of The Dragonfly Effect: Quick, Effective, and Powerful Ways To Use Social Media to Drive Social Change, marketing prof Jennifer Aaker is no stranger to Twitter.
  8. Bruce Freeman: Widely-known as “The Small Business Professor,” Bruce is an author and an adjunct professor in his spare time.
  9. Luke Williams: Luke wrote Disrupt: Think the Unthinkable to Spark Transformation in Your Business and teaches at NYU’s business school.
  10. Jon Boroshok: @JBwrites is the handle of this instructor from Southern New Hampshire University and Emerson College whose articles have appeared in publications like The Boston Globe and The L.A. Times.