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Many individuals who seek management and leadership skills, such as an online MBA, often neglect other areas of study like the sciences and liberal arts. It’s not always the smartest choice, because it’s difficult to replace a well-rounded education, one that lets you see all the possible angles and improve your problem solving skills. So here are 50 essential links to help you get ahead in all types of other concentrations and be applied in your future endeavors.

  1. Cool Cat Teacher – Features daily education spotlights.
  2. NYC Educator – The joys and lessons of teaching elementary school kids.
  3. Bellringers – Award winning, blogging teacher bring humor to her readers and her students.
  4. Ms. Professor B – An english teacher’s blog about teaching and new teaching/learning strategies.
  5. ZaidLearn – Using electronics and computers to enhance the curriculum.
  6. Bob Sprankle – Using his work, technology integrator, he speaks about how technology can be used to enhance teaching.
  7. EDUCBLOG – News, info, and links from the Oppenheimer Library in Cape Town, South Africa.
  8. Secondary Worlds – Teaching, Technology, and English Education.
  9. CoLearners – New and innovative ways to teach.
  10. The Lesson Machine – Serious resources for serious teachers.
  11. The Reading Workshop - Invites students, teachers, friends, and family to share thoughts, comments, opinions, and ideas.
  12. Anxious No More – Helping people cope with and manage their anxiety.
  13. Brain Blogger – Topics from multidimensional biopsychosocial perspectives.
  14. Providentia – A biased look at psychology in the world.
  15. Neurological Correlates – A neuroscience taboid of dysfunctional behavior.
  16. The Situationalist – Human behaviour as looked upon as situationist.
  17. Advances in the History of Psychology – A current look at the history of psychology, with news, notes, and additional resources.
  18. Interesting Pile – A librarian posts like to things he thinkgs are interesting such as lists, games, quizzes, foodstuffs, book reviews, ok reviews, and neat sites.
  19. Beyond Vermont State Hospital – Learn and discuss about mental health issues.
  20. Frontier Psychiatrist – A blog by Dr. Stephen Ginn MRCPsych
  21. Laura’s Psychology Blog – Professor Laura dives into the world of psychology.
  22. Paleo Judaica – Ancient Judaism and its context.
  23. Akma’s Random Thoughts – A lecturer and his random thoughts.
  24. Professor Michael Roberto’s Blog – As a professor of management, he brings his vast knowledge on to the web.
  25. Robert Salomon – An associate professor at NYU, insight and wisdom is on his blog for all to glean from.
  26. Free Domain Radio – Online radio shows featuring philosophy.
  27. Reportr – Analysing the link between media, society, and technology.
  28. Lost New York City – Old, sometimes historical buildings of New York as they are torn down.
  29. What Would Lincoln Do? – Find out what our 16th President did on various day of the year.
  30. Irish Roots – Find your Irish roots or find out more about the Irish.
  31. The Victorian Era – Everything you need to know about the Victorian Era.
  32. Wig Wags - Journaling military history and the American Civil War.
  33. TOCWOC – A Civil War blog. From books to TV show reviews. A very good site.
  34. CLEWS – A true historical crime blog.
  35. Muhlberger’s Early History – Ancient, medieval, Islamic, and world history – comments, resources, and discussion.
  36. Blogenspiel – A Medievalist’s Blog
  37. Molten Notebook – Focus on Asian literature.
  38. Future Perfect Publishing – Keeping up with current trends in book publishing.
  39. Antiquitopia – Musings on antiquity, religion, and otherphenomena and ephemera.
  40. ArtLex on Architecture – A great introduction into the world of architecture.
  41. Architecture – Architecture, urban planning, interior, 3D rendering, design, ideas, theories and style.
  42. B.E.L.T. – Standing for the Built Environment in Laymens Terms, this site is a great way to learn architecture in relative terms.
  43. Peripheral Vision: Inner Sights – Abstract expressionist painting, nature photography, poetry, this site encompasses all that is expressions.
  44. Crazy Leaf - This design blog covers all higher end digital designs and even has competitions as well.
  45. Righteous (re)Style – This Green fashion site only showcases eco-friendly clothing that are of designer quality.
  46. The Design Cubicle – While showcasing the author’s designs, he also take the time to show the designs of other people as well.
  47. Cyndy Green – She explores all the hardship from upgrading media formats to general Videography practices.
  48. Design That Works – Steve Mitchell designs, photographs, and illustrates the world around him with astounding beauty.
  49. Media Bistro – A professional resource for all in the media industry whether you are teaching or learning.
  50. Jour M02 – A great source for commentary on writing and reporting.