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The incredible world of Apps brings you everything from maps, news, email, and banking to games, recipes, ebooks, and more recently, mobile medical tools to the palm of your hands–literally. Among the 6 major application stores, which include Apple’s App Store, Google’s Android Market, and Window’s Marketplace, there are more than 305,862 apps available, with the number constantly growing. The App Store alone has made more than $3 billion in revenue with over 5 billion app downloads. The developers’ end of the cut usually remains between 60 and 80 percent of the App’s purchase price, which averages at $3.10. However, there’s no guarantee that an App will be accepted into the market. Furthermore, Apple reserves the right to remove an App without providing any reasons, which is what happened to German coder, Armin Heinrich’s “I Am Rich” app–although this removal may have stemmed from the six customers’ complaints that the app did nothing, yet cost each a $999.99 bill resulting in $5880 in net revenue for Heinrich. In a more extreme case, Apple decided to remove 943 apps of its 3rd largest developer, Perfect Acumen due to third party intellectual property complaints in August 2009. So what does the future hold for app developers and the life of Apps?

For one thing, it has been predicted that the market for apps will grow as big as the internet, if not bigger, “peaking at 10 million apps in 2020″. However, the number of developers will decline as each begins to make less money. The space for this market can only support so many, and the ratio of developers who do not make a sustainable return on investment is about 90%. As developers move on to other fields of work, the rate of app development may also decrease. Described as a “hit-driven environment” many come to realize that it’s nearly impossible to keep an app within the top slot with so many replications and high competition. As apps continue to develop and grow in number, they will also move forward in their practical and personal use. Learn more about Apps, Apps, and More Apps in the following infographic.


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