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Work is work, and fun is fun, and the two never mix with one another, right? Not necessarily. Although most people don’t go skipping off to work expecting to have a blast, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy yourself at work now and then, and in fact, having fun at work has been shown to boost productivity. It’s in this spirit that we celebrate Fun at Work Day on January 28th. It’s a chance and a reminder to work hard and play hard, even if it’s just for one day. These are our suggestions for celebrating Fun at Work Day; try them out just for one day, or every day!

  1. Be friendly:

    You shouldn’t wait for a special day to be friendly at work, but today is as good as any other to get started. Say hello in the morning, ask for advice, offer compliments, and spread positivity in the office. It’s fun, really!

  2. Start a paper airplane contest:

    Put your copier paper to a more fun use with a paper airplane contest. See whose plane goes the farthest, and offer a prize for the winner, such as an extra 15 minute break or a special parking spot.

  3. Enjoy an office happy hour:

    See your colleagues outside of the office and have a good time with an after-work event, whether it’s happy hour or an outdoor concert. Better yet, bring beer to the office for after-hours socializing.

  4. Join a league:

    Nothing builds team spirit like participating in sports. Bring your coworkers together and have fun getting active by forming a team and joining a sports league.

  5. Host a surprise event:

    Tell no one, except those involved in planning, that Fun at Work Day will include a surprise event, like an ice cream truck parked outside, a margarita machine and masseuse set up in the breakroom, or carnival games in the common area.

  6. Take time for yourself during the work day:

    During your lunch break, it’s fun to go out to eat with colleagues, but every now and then, it’s great to enjoy some quality solitude as well. This is especially true if you’re the only one celebrating Fun at Work Day. Enjoy a reading break, take an exercise class, or go on a walk and return refreshed.

  7. Celebrate a job well done:

    Has your office done something outstanding recently? Today is the perfect day to celebrate your accomplishments. Use Fun at Work Day as an excuse to recognize a job well done.

  8. Get the hard stuff out of the way first:

    Don’t spend your entire day in dread of the task you don’t want to do. Just get it out of the way early on, and you’ll have more time to enjoy the projects you really want to do, as well as more time to chat and have fun.

  9. Plan a potluck:

    Who doesn’t love food at work? Instead of heading out for lunch, get everyone in the office to bring in a special dish to share and stay in together.

  10. Decorate cubicles:

    We’re not talking about plants and personal photos. Create a cubicle decorating contest that encourages people to really get wild. Themes like the beach or the color green offer plenty of fun opportunities to really have fun with it.

  11. Get a ping pong table for the office:

    Meetings are just more fun when you’re hitting a ball around. Instead of sitting down at a table, you can talk to your coworkers while you’re playing ping pong. Fun at Work Day is a great day to bring in this fun new resource.

  12. Color your space:

    Brightening up your office space can make it lots more fun. Paint is an inexpensive way to bring more life into your office and cheer things up. Turn Fun at Work Day into an office painting party.

  13. Add an element of challenge to work tasks:

    At Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, you’ll find the “Housekeeping Olympics.” This event turns otherwise mundane housekeeping tasks into a fun challenge, with a vacuum dash and blindfolded bed making. For Fun at Work Day, consider which work tasks you can turn up a notch.

  14. Bring in games:

    Whether it’s a Wii or your favorite board games, have fun sharing game time with your coworkers. Fit it into lunchtime or schedule a special “strategy meeting” for a long afternoon of fun.

  15. Quit your job for something more fun:

    There are plenty of ways to have fun in an otherwise boring environment, but if you’re truly bummed out by your workplace, consider that it may be time to move on to something more engaging. Make Fun at Work Day the one in which you take the plunge and open that candy shop or dance studio you’ve always wanted to own, and every day at work can be fun.