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Every business has its ups and downs and many come and go without making a significant impact on a national or global level. It seems as if the most successful businesses not only pass the test of time but forever change the way that we do things. Love it or hate it, one such business is none other than the Microsoft Corporation, which has been a power house in the technology industry for the past few decades.

Microsoft seems to conjure up images to people of a giant black monolithic entity that devours all creative endeavors that dare oppose it. What most people don’t realize is that Microsoft pours millions into their Research and Development department, not unlike the amount of time and energy MBA students pour into their own education and professional development in hopes of being able to back up their own business ventures one day. So before vilifying Microsoft, as most people are wont to do these days, peruse the following infographic that provides a peek behind the curtain that is Microsoft; as a MBA student you can learn a lot from one of the most important corporations of our time.

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