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Longwood University in Virginia has announced a new logistics certificate, available in conjunction with an MBA degree program, available Fall 2013.

The new certificate, available only online, is part of the unveiling of the new Longwood Logistics Center, housed in the College of Business and Economics. It will feature academic courses, certificate programs, and executive training to help satisfy growing demands related to logistics, modeling and simulation, distribution and transportation.

The certificate consists of three courses – supply chain management, global distribution and warehousing, and performance-based logistics, which is focused around modeling and simulation.

The Longwood University general MBA program is 36-credit hours. Second-year students can choose to take the three courses as their elective credits, which fulfills both the MBA requirements, and gives students the certificate or, for students in the retail concentration who are already required to take the supply chain course, additionally taking the other two courses will give them an MBA in retail management with a certificate in logistics.

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“Supply chain management and logistics hits so many parts of business,” said Abbey O’Connor, assistant dean and MBA director.

The logistics center also will be an academic research-oriented partner to the Virginia Logistics Research Center (VLRC), as well as with VLRC’s academic, industry and federal agency partners, including the Army’s Sustainment Center of Excellence and the Army Logistics University at Fort Lee, and the Defense Logistics Agency Aviation facility in Richmond.

“The Longwood Logistics Center will work both directly and via the VLRC in developing the workforce of the future in logistics and supply chain management,” Paul Barrett, dean of the College of Business and Economics, said in a news release. “This technology is driving most of the global economy, and many of the newest CEOs who have been named to Fortune 500 companies are logistics and supply chain management experts. The center’s mission is to prepare future business leaders who are needed and will be leading these types of corporations.”

–Alanna Stage, @AlannaTweets