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If you’re pursuing an MBA, you’re probably becoming quickly aware of just how rapidly everything can change in a business. From keeping up with new trends to practicing different business methods, keeping things fresh in a business is vital to success, no matter what field you’re in. Right now, with the influx of smartphone owners and mobile browsers is having a great impact on how businesses market to their consumers. Mobile-targeted ads and marketing tactics are becoming both necessary and profitable in a wide range of industries, but in particular, web-based companies are reaping a great deal of mobile traffic and resulting ad revenue. The following infographic offers a specific example of one web-based company that’s bringing in big bucks with their mobile advertising strategy: Facebook. As Facebook prepared for its recent IPO, many people expressed concern with whether or not Facebook’s mobile platform would be a profitable addition to the company. But in true Facebook style, their mobile traffic and resulting revenue has skyrocketed rapidly, bringing in a huge contribution to the company’s already impressive revenue. As the world of mobile browsing and consuming continues to expand, savvy businesses will know to capitalize on just how profitable little apps and ads can be.

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