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When it comes to getting the best business education possible, there’s no such thing as reading too much or connecting with too many professionals in the field. That’s why the web is such a crucial tool in your path to an MBA — dozens of MBA professors update blogs regularly, providing you with a window into their professional lives, commentary on the latest news, and even advice for starting a career in business. We’ve listed 50 of the best business blogs here to get you started.

General Business

These blogs touch on a wide range of business issues, from mergers and acquisitions to executive training.

  1. Yoko Ishikura: Follow professor Yoko Ishikura from KEIO University as she travels around the world, talks business, and makes it all look easy.
  2. Supply Chain View from the Field: Few people can offer more expertise in the world of supply chain management than this professor, who not only teaches the subject but also edits the journal on the matter, and also heads up the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative.
  3. Professor Michael Czinkota: Touching on international business, marketing, and strategy, this blog shares excellent commentary on the latest in business news.
  4. The Business Ethics Blog: Dr. Chris McDonald examines some key issues related to business ethics, or lack of them as the case may be, on this blog.
  5. Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science: Andrew Gelman, Bob Carpenter, Aleks Jakulin, and Phillip Price co-author this blog that takes a statistical look at just about everything, including business.
  6. The Conglomerate: Here you’ll find business, economics, and law professors addressing key business issues and news.
  7. Bill George: A Harvard Business School professor and CEO of Medtronic, Mr. George’s blog examines hot-button issues related to management, finance, economics and trade, as well as politics, government and the media.
  8. The Small Business Professor: Learn about entrepreneurship, startup management, business technology and other small business-related topics from Professor Bruce Freeman of Seton Hall’s Stillman School of Business.
  9. HBX Blog: Patrick Healy maintains the management and economics-oriented blog for HBX, a Harvard University initiative designed to explore the digital future of business education.
  10. Steve Blank: Mr. Blank — a successful entrepreneur turned professor who has taught students at schools like Columbia, NYU and Stanford — discusses strategies for startup founders and investors on his extensive blog dating back to 2009.


Head to these blogs to read more about the essential legal aspects of all kinds of business.

  1. M & A Law Prof Blog: Learn more about the legal aspects of mergers and acquisitions from a collective of business law professors.
  2. Workplace Prof Blog: Use this blog, written by a group of business law professors, to learn more about legal matters that will concern you as an entrepreneur or a business leader.
  3. Truth on the Market: On this blog, a group of law professors and economists share their knowledge about business law, covering issues like antitrust laws, industrial organization, and corporate governance.
  4. The Race to the Bottom: Students, professionals, and professors work together to pen this blog, documenting some of the changes they feel need to be made in regulating and monitoring corporations in the U.S.
  5. Professor Law, politics, and culture are blended together on this UCLA law professor’s blog.
  6. Business Law Prof Blog: This site is maintained by eight law professors and offers legal perspectives on business topics ranging from crowdfunding and social media to SEC regulations.
  7. The Faculty Lounge: Founded by Drexel University professor Daniel Hiller, this blog covers a wide range of topics at the intersection of business, law, academics and current events.
  8. Prawfs Blawg: A consortium of law professors created this legal blog, which explores various court cases and decisions, lawsuits, business law and other related matters.

Finance and Economics

Here you’ll find a great collection of blogs from professors that focus on economics and business.

  1. Economist’s View: Professor Mark Thoma at the University of Oregon shares some of his thoughts on issues like banks, the economic crisis, government budgets, and more.
  2. Greg Mankiw’s Blog: If you have an interest in economics you should make sure to read this Harvard professor’s blog, which is geared toward students.
  3. Brad DeLong: Professor Brad DeLong, an economist at Berkeley, posts amazing analyses of the current markets and financial health of leading world economies on this blog.
  4. Cheap Talk: Professors Jeff Ely and Sandeep Baliga share their thoughts on economics and politics on this blog.
  5. Econbrowser: Professors James D. Hamilton and Menzie Chinn explore contemporary issues and trends related to economic policy and analysis.
  6. The Grumpy Economist: Created by John H. Cochrane, formerly an economics professor at the University of Chicago, this humorous current events blog examines current events and pop culture topics through an econ-oriented lens.
  7. TaxProf Blog: Pepperdine’s Professor Paul Caron dispenses much-needed advice about taxes and tax laws, assets and financial management.
  8. Professor Richard D. Wolff: Dr. Wolff spent more than 25 years as an economics professor at UMass, and he brings his experience and expertise to this business-minded blog.


These professors share some excellent insights into marketing, branding, and reputation management.

  1. Awaken Your Superhero: Author of Marketing White Belt Christopher S. Penn offers up amazing content on this blog for anyone hoping to learn more about marketing, business, and the digital world.
  2. Building Strong Brands: Get a crash course in building a better brand from Northwestern professor Tim Calkins when you read this blog.
  3. Marketing Trend Watch Watch: Maintained by Lauri Harrison, a marketing strategist and adjunct professor at Columbia University. She shares tips and insight about the industry on her frequently updated blog.
  4. Adrian Swinscoe: A former marketing and development lecturer at the University of Brighton, Mr. Swinscoe’s blog explores strategies for building consumer engagement and fostering relationships between customers and employees.
  5. Paulo Albuquerque: This blog details one man’s journey from Ph.D. student to marketing professor, and offers tips for students pursuing degrees in marketing.
  6. Markus Geisler: The author of this blog, a “rock star in the world of business academia”, posts about issues concerning global marketing and international business.
  7. STRONGBRANDS: This blog dedicated to topics like brand-building and consumer engagement is maintained by Professor Tim Calkins of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.
  8. Marketing Science: Professor Byron Sharp’s blog looks at metrics, promotional strategies and other innovative approaches to marketing and advertising.


Looking for some advice on how to be a better leader and manager? These professor-written blogs might be just the thing you’re looking for.

  1. Professor Michael Roberto: A professor of management at Bryant University, Michael Roberto shares lessons on entrepreneurship, leadership, and of course, management through this blog.
  2. Managerial Econ: Explore the relationship between management and economics on this blog written by professors Luke Froeb and Brian McCann, who literally wrote the book on managerial economics.
  3. Bill George: Harvard Business School professor Bill George comments on the latest business news here, with a special focus on management and leadership, his area of expertise.
  4. Organizational Behavior and Global Management: Here, Professor Ramon Henson posts about global business, focusing on the special challenges global managers face.
  5. Ed Batista: A former lecturer for the Stanford School of Business, Mr. Batista specializes in executive coaching and change management.
  6. The Lean Professor: Professor M.L. Emiliani of the University of Connecticut dedicates this blog to ‘lean management’, a bare-bones style of business leadership he helped pioneer in academia.
  7. Gary Hamel: A faculty member at the London Business School, Professor Hamel’s blog features posts about topics like tech integration, innovative business practices and management philosophy.
  8. The Lectern: Dr. Steve Kelman, a public management professor at Harvard, uses this blog as a platform to discuss mergers, acquisitions and innovations at the federal level.


The modern business simply can’t operate without technology. These professors and professionals address a number of key issues that arise from the intersection of business and technology.

  1. Open IT Strategies: Professor Joel West teaches management and leadership, but his blog is about much more than that, focusing on using open IT strategies to build a better business.
  2. Software Research and the Industry: Dr. Dirk Riehle, MBA, is a professor of open source software at the Friedrich-Alexan­der Uni­ver­sity Erlan­gen-Nürn­berg and the founder of Wiki Symposium. His blog covers computer science, software engineering, & software system architecture and design.
  3. Enterprise Irregulars: Daily posts by contributors including analysts, journalists, and professors cover digital culture, trends in the tech industry, and technology in business.
  4. Technology & Marketing Law Blog: Created by Professor Eric Goldman of the Santa Clara University School of Law, this multidisciplinary blog tackles current affairs related to virtual marketing, promotional media and regulations governing the way products are advertised in the 21st century.
  5. The Tattooed Professor: Kevin Gannon, an inked-up IT professor at Grand View University, discusses a host of topics related to modern technology — including online marketing, innovation and other business-related topics.
  6. School of Business and Economics Blog: Administered by Michigan Tech professors and faculty members, this blog examines issues at the cross-section of business, finance, technology and higher education.
  7. Boston College Professor John M. Gallaugher maintains this business tech blog filled with infographics, video clips and other multimedia.
  8. Terri Griffith: A management professor at Santa Clara University’s business school, Ms. Griffith’s blog discusses the importance of organizational technology and tech strategies for business leaders.