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With many qualified people out of work and looking for jobs, you might think it’s one of the easiest times to be a recruiter. Yet finding potential employees with the right talent, skills, and drive is never easy, regardless of the size of the pool of applicants or the type of businesses with which you work. Knowing what to look for and how to match the right person to the right job is something that can take a long time to learn and a lifetime to perfect, something most recruiters know all too well.

Whether you’re new to recruiting or an old pro, there’s always something new to learn about the profession and ways to make yourself better at what you do. One of the best ways to do that in today’s world is through the help of recruiters and HR experts who share their skills on blogs, both independently and through their agencies. Here, we’ve compiled a list some of the best recruiting blogs out there, in no particular order. Take a look — you may just learn a few new tricks that can help make you a standout at your job, helping not only you, but also your company and the people you hire, get ahead.


Make sure you stay in the loop when it comes to industry news by following these blogs.

  1. Talent HQ: This blog will help you keep up with the latest news in recruiting, from helpful online tools to award-winning strategies.
  2. Recruiting Daily: Visit this blog daily for updates on industry news for recruiters and staffing professionals.
  3. Recruitment Views: Those looking to keep up with the happenings of the recruitment world should check out this blog for updates on new businesses, the job market, online tools, and more.
  4. Recruiting Blogs: Through the Recruiting Blogs site you can read through dozens of blogs from recruiters and hiring professionals. With so many contributors, there’s always something new and helpful to read.
  5. ERE Community Blogs: The ERE Community is packed with blogs written by those in the recruitment field. You’ll hear from experts, agencies, and HR pros on a wide range of issues.

Recruiters and Agencies

Hear from other recruiters and their agencies on these blogs, offering tips, tools, and more to make your work life better.

  1. Staffing Talk: A great general blog for all things recruiting, readers of Staffing Talk will find posts on topics like web recruiting, interesting news tidbits, and advice from others in the field.
  2. Good to Know: Martin Burns uses this blog to cover a wide range of issues related to recruitment; it is a great read for anyone in the biz.
  3. The Recruiters Lounge: Get great advice on your career and find help with recruitment strategies through this blog from recruiter Jim Stroud.
  4. Recruiting Animal: Visitors to this site can listen to a weekly podcast or read blog posts that touch on a number of different recruiting and non-recruiting issues.
  5. The Good Search: Recruiting firm The Good Search offers professional advice, commentary, and news about the industry through this blog, all written by their CEO, Krista Bradford.
  6. Unbridled Talent: This recruiting agency offers helpful news and information for anyone in the business to use, including links to great conferences, webinars, and resources for training.
  7. Hire-Intelligence Blog: This blog is a great place to look for some tips and tools that will make you more productive and ultimately successful in hiring new talent.
  8. Recruiting Toolbox Blog: John Vlastelica and Jason Warner share posts not only about their business, but also online tools and resources that are useful for anyone in recruiting.
  9. Fistful of Talent: This blog is one of the best blog resources on the web for those who work in recruiting, HR, or talent consulting. You’ll get a chance to hear from some of the best-known experts in the field through regular posts.
  10. Louise’s UK Recruiter Blog: Learn more about how recruiting works across the pond (and maybe find some fresh ideas) from this blog.
  11. Captain Recruiter: Captain Recruiter posts on a wide range of issues that are of interest to recruiters and those in staffing.
  12. Recruiting Blogs: Recruiting Blogs maintains this blog for recruiters, with content, news, webinars, podcasts, videos, eBooks, white papers and events that run the gamut from entry-level tips to C-level strategy to develop professional best practices.
  13. FeeTrader Blog: This blog is a great read for recruiters, with posts that cover news, recruitment issues, technology, and a variety of other issues they encounter on a daily basis.
  14. The Red Recruiter: This multi-author blog offers some excellent posts related to human resources, recruiting, the job market, and other business-related topics.
  15. Independent Recruiter Blog: From internal hiring to setting your fees, this blog is a great place for recruiters to find advice and information on the professional sphere.
  16. Recruiter Republic Blog: Learn more about the Recruiter Republic company and how to be better in your own workplace with help from this blog.

Job Market

Keep up with fluctuations in the job market, trends, and more with these great blogs.

  1. Recruiting Fly: Recruiting Fly is a great place to find news about all things recruiting and employment. While geared more toward job hunters than employers, it can still be a great place to find out about employment trends.
  2. Diggings: Want to know about the job market? This blog is one of the best places to learn about current outlooks, as well as finding information on topics like recruitment advertising, using job boards, and more.
  3. Monster Thinking: From the minds at comes this blog, offering advice on all things work-related for both employers and those looking for jobs.
  4. Blog: This blog contains a mix of posts for job hunters and recruiters, sharing tips, tools, news, and more.


Here you’ll find blogs that focus on specific niches of recruitment.

  1. Marketing Blogger and recruiter Harry specializes in finding qualified individuals for jobs in digital marketing, social media, and e-commerce. His blog is home to lots of information about job openings and the methods used to fill those jobs.
  2. Media Recruiting Blog: If you’re in the business of finding qualified individuals for media jobs, then check out this blog for help, trends, and information you can use.
  3. Gecko Hospitality Recruitment Blog: Visit this blog to learn more about recruitment issues related to staffing the restaurant, hotel, and resort industries.
  4. Confessions of a Creative Recruiter: Those working with advertising, design, or other creative businesses in finding talent should give this blog by creative services director Cecilia Gorman a read.
  5. The Marketing Recruiter: G. Robert Bishop shares insights into the hiring process, and not just related to marketing. Readers will find loads of helpful posts on using technology to find employees for a wide range of positions.
  6. A Recruiter’s Perspective: Here, Ellen Clark offers her point of view of recruiting the best talent in the life sciences, from pharmaceuticals to medical research.


HR and recruiting go hand-in-hand, so learn the ins and outs of the industry from these experts and professionals.

  1. HR World: This blog covers all things HR, including hiring, of course. Readers will find tips and tools for just about everything related to finding, training, and keeping great employees.
  2. Gautam Ghosh: Gautam is an HR and marketing expert. The majority of his blog posts focus on ways that businesses can use social media to teach, engage, and work with employees — something it wouldn’t hurt for recruiters to know a bit about as well.
  3. HR Marketer Blog: This multi-contributor blog (about 10 different bloggers post regularly) offers insight into HR, from marketing to buying to finding great human capital.
  4. True Faith HR: Improve your understanding of HR theory, best practices, and a wide range of other hiring, firing, and sourcing concerns through this blog.
  5. HR Insomniac: HR rock star Dawn Hrdlica-Burke writes this blog, which many in the business of human resources will find relatable and useful.
  6. HR Daily AdvisorVisit this blog for tips, news, and advice on all things related to human resources.
  7. The Human Capitalist: Human capital and talent management expert Jason Coresello offers great advice, insights, and updates on a variety of business and recruitment issues.
  8. Evil HR Lady: Suzanne Lucas isn’t really evil. The name of her blog reflects the attitude many people have about HR. Read through her blog for some great advice (you can write in with your own concerns) and posts about everything from business mistakes to employee morale.
  9. HR Bartender: HR pro and consultant Sharlyn Lauby shares her expertise on a variety of workplace issues through this blog. Write to her with any questions you have about recruitment — you just might make the blog.


Technology is one of the best tools you can use to recruit, so get ideas and advice from these blogs on how to use social media, software, job boards, and more to find the best talent.

  1. Recruiter Guy: Blogger and recruiter Chris Hoyt shares insights into using social media and other online tools to find new candidates on this must-read blog.
  2. Recruiting with LinkedIn: LinkedIn can be a valuable tool for recruiters. Learn more about how to use it wisely from this blog, maintained by the social site itself.
  3. Six Degrees from DAVE: Dave Mendoza maintains one of the most popular recruiting blogs on the web, and for good reason. He’s won numerous awards for his work in the recruiting and sourcing business, especially by using technology, making his blog an excellent resource for honing your own skills.
  4. Jim Stroud: Need to learn more about social recruiting? This blog is full of videos that can teach you some of the fundamentals necessary to be successful with it.
  5. Michael Specht: Australian native Michael Specht is a consultant for HR and recruitment. He shares some of his expertise through this blog, especially as it relates to using the latest web tech to attract employees.
  6. Fishdogs: Check out this blog for ideas on using social media for marketing, recruiting, and even a little career development.
  7. Norton Folgate: The Recruiting Unblog: If you’d like to learn more about social recruiting, social media technology, or just generally using the web more in your recruiting, this blog can be a big help.
  8. Recruiting Software Blog: This blog from Newton will teach you a bit more about the software you can use to make your recruiting more streamlined and effective.
  9. Recruiting Futurology: The future of recruiting is on the web, and you can learn about the variety of ways you can employ smart strategies for using this high-tech tool in your own work through this blog.
  10. Mobile, Video & Social Media in Recruitment: Recruiter Mike Taylor shares insights into ways you can better use mobile, video, and social tools in recruiting (as the blog’s name would suggest).