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by:  Paul Hughes


Summer is right around the corner. Whether you decide to stay indoors and enjoy the air conditioning, go to the beach and relax while you work on that tan, or even visit a far and distant location to escape your busy schedule, be sure to have a book with you. Here at Online MBA, we like to promote personal growth and development, and what better way than to do so than learning from experts in the field. We’ve compiled a list of books that will not only benefit you, but will give you superpowers (not really, but it will definitely make your brain feel supercharged).

If you’ve read any of these titles and want to leave some personal endorsements for them, please feel free to do so!


by:Seth Godin

A look at what it takes to become indispensable in the workplace. Seth reiterates, “…it’s not about you need to be different and set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. But instead is, you need to do the hard work of thinking for yourself instead of being a cog.” — great words of wisdom.


When Giants Fall
by:Michael Panzner

An intimate look at the financial crisis and the economic changes in the coming years. We need to learn to adapt to the changes and take advantage of the opportunities ahead.


The Book of Awesome
by:Neil Pasricha

The feel good book that emphasizes the importance of the little things in life. If you’ve been stressed out from work, school, or life in general then you really need to pick this up.


by:Daniel Pink

What really motivates us? Daniel gets to the root of this topic and updates us with scientific discoveries to the outdated conventional wisdom of what really drives us.


They Don’t Teach Corporate in College
by:Alexandra Levit

A practical guide for young professionals transitioning from college into the corporate life. Includes advice on how to successfully navigate the competitive job market.


My Start Up Life
by: Ben Casnocha

An autobiographical account of a young entrepreneur’s mistakes and successes as he builds a start-up called Comcate. This is a great how-to guide for anyone interested in learning how to balance a successful company and a normal life.


13 Bankers
by:Simon Johnson & James Kwak

Explanations of how we got to our current economic situation and ways we can make sure this meltdown doesn’t reoccur. Includes a history of finance and banking in the U.S.


More Guns, Less Crime
by:John Lott, Jr.

Using statistical models, plenty of crime data and strong empirical evidence John Lott creatively explains the relationship between guns and violence. An interesting read regardless of your views on gun control.


Green Cities
by:Matthew Kahn

Matthew does a great job of addressing environmental issues in Metropolitan   communities. He does this through an economist point of view and explores issues surrounding sustainability.


Heads In The Sand
by:Matthew Yglesias

If you’re interested in understanding U.S. foreign policies in depth, this is the book of choice. Matthew emphasizes global order through
international law and stable institutions.


I See Rude People
by:Amy Alkon

Provides stories of personal encounters with rude people and businesses, but presents all this in a funny mannerthat will delight and inspire you to deal with the rude people in your own life.


The Substance of Style
by:Virginia Postrel

Since function and value in consumer products are a norm, we therefore look at aesthetic as an economic indicator when comparing commodities. Virginia provides great insights into this idea.


Dynamic Asset Allocation
by:James Picerno

Picerno interprets and integrates the  developments in modern portfolio theory:from the efficient-market hypothesis and indexing of decades past to strategies for building winning portfolios today.


Brazen Careerist
by:Penelope Trunk

Let this expert business advice columnist for the Boston Globe help you succeed on your own terms in any industry. Penelope promotes a take-charge attitude and the ability to think outside the box to get you ahead of today’s job market.


Getting From College To Career
by:Lindsey Pollak

This book is a great guide to help you build the experience, skills, and confidence you need before starting your first major job search.  Includes 90 action-oriented tips and strategies to landing that job of your dreams.


Happy Hour Is 9 To 5
by:Alexander Kjerulf

Anyone who already has a job and is beginning to lose that passion and drive for their position needs to read this book. There are definitely things you can do to build a happy work environment, and Alex will show you how.


The Happiness Project
by:Gretchen Rubin

This book covers recent research on the new field of positive psychology and helps us develop a method of building happiness in our daily lives.A lot of quotations and personal experiences make this book relatable to the average person.


I Will Teach You To Be Rich
by: Ramit Sethi

Provides a practical approach for young professionals looking to get on track with a personal finance program. Covers topics about banking, saving, budgeting, and investing – the basic foundation for a good financial outlook.


How We Decide
by:Jonah Lehrer

Gives us the tools we need, drawing on cutting-edge research as well as the real-world experiences of a wide range of people and  professions to figure out why we make decisions, and how to make them better.


Surrounded By Geniuses
by:Alan Gregerman

Yes, it is possible to nurture innovative ideas and creativity to develop success. Alan takes a look at 10 companies and products, and shows us that everyone has the potential to be great.


Rules for Revolutionaries
by:Guy Kawasaki

Entertainingly outlines strategies for besting the competition and coming out on top. Emphasizes the importance of great ideas, leadership  qualities, and commitment to your beliefs.


Super Staying Power
by:Jason Seiden

This book will prepare you survive the stress and pressure of today’s business climate. It will help you shift your thinking and make it easier for you to leverage your skills you already have.


by: John Winsor

A great handbook for anyone business that is looking for ways to innovate. Has great advice and insight on how we can spur innovation through co-creation with our customers and fellow employees.


Saving The World At Work
by:Tim Sanders

Saving the planet through environmental efforts and community outreach is not limited to just grassroot movements and eco-conscious  consumers. Everybody should do their part, including employers. This book gives you great ideas on how to do this.


Social Pollination
by:Monica O’Brien

In this modern time where social media sites rule the internet, Monica looks at how companies and organizations are building their brand through this channel instead of traditional methods.