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Whether you read, write, or do both, there is one thing that we all have in common; we all have our own opinion. The following list, compiled by Online MBA, is the Top 25 sites that will inspire you to read, write and find better novels. To all of which, is great for expanding your horizons and getting ahead in your business career.

  1. The George Orwell Diaries – This site releases George Orwell’s personal diary on the day they were written (month and day, not year).
  2. John Baker – His personal blog where he posts frequently and is open to comments and questions.
  3. Writing the Renaissance – Read how one author took the past and made new history by writing historical fiction.
  4. Avoiding the Muse – By day he is a Medical Doctor, but in his free time he is a published poet who many can glean from.
  5. Word Swimmer – A great resource on the whole writing process.
  6. Write a Better Novel – Practical wisdom for novelists and other story writers.
  7. Flogging the Quill – Pursuing the art and craft of compelling storytelling.
  8. Poets Who Blog - A great site for poets looking to see other people’s works or just to connect to more people in the poetry community.
  9. Poetry & Poets in Rags – Follow the commentary on poetry that is featured on Interboard Poetry Community.
  10. Blue Pencil Editing – Resources for editors and also for those who need one.
  11. Advanced fiction Writing – From organising, creating, to marketing your novel, this site covers it all.
  12. Engine Room Blog – Covering language use in journalism and in the media.
  13. The Beiderbecke Affair - Book reviews from a published writer and editor.
  14. Babbling About Books And More – Book reviews by an aspiring author with the occasional free book drawings.
  15. Jen’s Book Thoughts – Crime/Mystery novel reviews with fun tournaments involving her readers.
  16. Carla Nayland Historical Fiction – Comments on researching, writing, and reviewing historical fiction books.
  17. Steven Till – Historical fiction writer, reviewer, and teacher of all things medieval.
  18. SF Signal – A general science fiction blog that reviews many scifi books along with many other facets.
  19. The Galaxy Express – As the author of the site puts it, “Adventures in science fiction romance.” She reviews and also interviews authors of such books.
  20. A Work in Progress – Adventures in reading and reviewing women’s fiction.
  21. The Story Siren – Young adult reviews, author interviews, contests, and more.
  22. Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog – Anastasia reviews books ranging mostly from young adult, fantasy, sci-fi, and many other genres.
  23. Jen Robinson’s Book Page – Reviews of children’s books up to young adult with emphases on adults reading these books.
  24. NeverEndingSearch – Librarian Joyce Valenza PhD updates this award winning blog.
  25. Apostrophe Abuse – Always a good break to let those creative juices flow back.