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by:  Paul Hughes

I don’t know about you, but I’m a very visual person.  I was born with a heightened use of my right brain and I have ever since learned and took in information better with visual aids.  Throw some pictures, graphs and charts in front of me and I’ll be like a kid in a candy store.  We here at Online MBA have been searching far and wide for economic blogs that indulge us visual fanatics.  Not that I don’t appreciate all the information from the academics and researchers, but we right-brainers need a little more.

The following list of economic blogs not only gives us great insights and updates, but they incorporate ‘eye candy’ as well.  Why 49 and not 50 you ask – why not?  49 is a square number and it made you wonder why we didn’t just pick 50, right?  We got your attention and that’s partly why you’re reading this, right?  Without further adieu, here are the winners of Online MBA’s best Economic Blogs with the use of Visual Aids.

1. by: Paul Krugman
2. by: Bill McBride
3. by: Catherine Mullbrandon
4. by: Brad DeLong
5. by: Don Boudreaux & Russ Roberts
6. by: Paddington & Sackerson
7. by: Carl Futia
8. by: Carl Futia
9. by: Mark J. Perry
10. by: Nathan A. Martin
11. by: Peter Gallagher
12. by: “Trader Mike”
13. by: Community Forum
14. by: “SoldAtTheTop”
15. by: Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev
16. by: Will Franklin
17. by: Craig Depken
18. by: “Ironman”
19. by: Scott Grannis
20. by: Donald Marron
21. by: Justin Wehr
22. by: Edward Hugh
23. by: Luciano Cohan & Juan
24. by: Michael Mandel
25. by: Casey Mulligan
26. by: Bill Conerly
27. by: Michale Cale
28. by: Andrew Leigh
29. by: Henry Farrell
30. by: Benign Brodwicz
31. by: Andrew Gelman
32. by: Professor Robert Kaulfuss
33. by: JCK
34. by: Babak
35. by: Rawdon Adams
36. by: PSD Blog team
37. by: David Roodman
38. by: Robert Salomon
39. by: Jesse
40. by: Chris Dillow
41. by: David Smith
42. by: Brian Hollar
43. by: Greg Feirman
44. by: Dr. Stephen Kirchner
45. by: Dr. Housing Bubble
46. by: Tamas David-Barrett
47. by: Jeff Miller
48. by: Scott Sumner
49. by: Scott Lincicome

If you’re regular visitors to these sites, or have some feedback about this list – we’d love to hear from you.  Leave a comment, or two and let us know if we’re missing anyone else who should be on this list.