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At a Glance

Columbus State University makes a high-quality education available to all its students. The institution creates a stage for its students, allowing them to demonstrate their creativity and wit in the classroom and online. Interaction between student and instructor is an important part of the university’s values, and is viewed as a strong foundation for any online classroom experience. Columbus State is always working towards separating itself from other school’s with its commitment to excellence and harvesting a strong online educational environment for its students that encourage participation and communication. With the school’s diverse student body, everyone embraces the varying ideas and world views of each individual.


Columbus State University’s Business program is accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. As an accredited member of the AACSB international, Columbus State University offers programs that are of high quality and possess a strong curriculum that gives students a broad understanding of business as well as its role in society.


Columbus State University offers an online Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program that delivers students an accredited MBA degree which possesses the same quality as what is available of the school’s on campus. This degree prepares students for all administrative positions in business, industry, or government. Depending upon you desired focus, you can concentrate on either global business, human behavior, organizations, or finance (to name a few). You are able to acquire the tools and techniques you will need to succeed beyond graduation. The cost of the program is set significantly below the national average ñ making it more affordable to all those interested in enrolling.

Student Life

What makes Columbus State unique is its advanced technology services. Students are treated to access to their classes every hour of the day, while also having the chance to contact members of tech support whenever they may run into an issue they are un able to handle on their own.


Beyond the general graduate program requirements of Columbus State, the MBA degree has its own additional requirements. All prospective students need to have earned a minimum 2.5 undergraduate grade point average. You will need to accompany your application with your current resume, along with two to three letters of recommendation from current or past employers.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The tuition of Columbus State’s MBA program is broken down by courses – $203 per credit. All students who are awarded financial aid can apply this amount to their charges for their online courses. Columbus State works with its students to create and education that is of a high quality, but also affordable to those who are determined and willing to further their education and enhance their careers.

Why Columbus State University?

When you choose Columbus State University, you are going with a school that is determined to achieve excellence and meet every student’s needs. Beyond offering an array of accredited degree programs, Columbus State is always looking to develop and expand on everything they offer to their online community. This can include bringing in qualified faculty members who have the experience and knowledge to help grow their student’s potential. When Columbus State’s students do well, the school looks good. This is an institution that is looking to grow, and the way they plan on accomplishing this goal is by doing everything they can to help each and every student graduate. You come first.