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At a Glance

The goal of East Tennessee State University is to become a learning institution that is recognized nationally as a pioneer in business education. Within the school’s region, it works to support both technical and economic development. Through providing its students with a combination of skills and knowledge, East Tennessee State University’s graduates are able to enhance their career opportunities, and develop as a person. The students are the school’s number one priority, and by bringing in a top-tier faculty and staff, East Tennessee State University is able to give its students the support and educational experience they need while enrolled and beyond graduation.


When any university becomes accredited, it is able to guarantee its students that the learning institution they have chosen to further their education at is of the highest quality. For any school to become accredited, it must voluntarily go through a review process. East Tennessee State University is accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.


The online Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program offered by East Tennessee State University is designed for those students who are looking to advance their knowledge and preparation for strong career in business or not-for-profit institutions. Both small and large organizations view an MBA as a key to success, and an academic achievement that should not go unnoticed. East Tennessee State University’s MBA program is available to every student who has an undergraduate degree in business or a non-business field. Twelve courses need to be completed to earn a MBA. Ten of which are required core courses, and two are electives.

Student Life

The education students receive can change as rapidly as the technology available to the general public. The online education offered by East Tennessee State University gives students the flexibility to take in all of this new information whenever it is convenient for them. This makes things easier for working adults who are then able to better handle their demands outside of their educational pursuit.


If you are looking at East Tennessee State University as the school for you to continue your education, you will want to be aware of the start date of the next coming school term. This way you are able to get your application in at a comfortable time before the deadline. Every student must submit a completed application, along with an application fee, a personal essay, and an official transcript of all previous undergraduate and graduate work.

Tuition and Financial Aid

At East Tennessee State University a limited number of Graduate Assistantships and Tuition Scholarships are available. For those going into the school’s College of Business and Technology, you will need to fill out a specific application. The reason for the limited number of said resources is the overwhelming financial assistance they can offer any student.

Why East Tennessee State University?

The accredited programs offered at East Tennessee State University, and the flexibility offered to its student’s online make it easy to stop your college search here. By being accredited by the premier business school accrediting agency, all prospective employers are immediately going to view your credentials as credible and impressive. East Tennessee State University can offer you the assistance and tools you will need to earn your MBA on time. Helping students is the number one focus of East Tennessee State University, ensuring that if you ever experiencing any technical issues or are unable to grasp a subject matter being presented, someone from the university’s staff will be there to help you.