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At a Glance

At Fayetteville State University, students are able to reach their potential in the classroom, and take away a knowledge and understanding that will help them outside of it. Academics is the primary focus of Fayetteville State University ñ education is viewed as the necessary foundation to a lifetime full of achievement. All students have the option of choosing between multiple programs of study, and can explore all of the great opportunities available to them by contacting the always helpful support services. Fayetteville State University offers an education that can fit your budget and not be a strain on your bank account.


Fayetteville State University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award baccalaureate, masters, and doctorate degrees. When any school is accredited, it is able to offer some assurance to its current and all prospective students that their degree will be recognized and respected by all future employers.


The accredited online MBA degree program at Fayetteville State University meets all of the educational and career goals of a business professional who is looking to advance in their careers. The program is also suited for those who considering changing careers, and feel their skillset would better be suited in the world of business. Lastly, those who are hoping to one day earn a doctoral degree in business will first need to earn an MBA before this goal can be reached. The core curriculum consists of twenty seven credit hours accompanied by 12 elective credit hours that can be used to gain a specialization in management, marketing, or finance to name a few.

Student Life

The benefit students have when the choose to enroll in any of the online degree programs offered by Fayetteville State University is course flexibility ñ being in complete control of when and where they tackle their assignments, tests, quizzes, and any relevant conversations going on in the class’s online discussion board.


If you are looking to bring your knowledge and willingness to learn to Fayetteville State University, you will need to first meet the school’s admission requirements before you can begin furthering your education. Every student will need to properly fill out an application accompanied by a $35.00 nonrefundable application fee.

Tuition and Financial Aid

At Fayetteville State University, Federal financial aid is available. All students who are able to meet every eligibility requirement will be awarded at least one form of financial aid. When you are able to obtain any form of assistance, it can make the cost of your education more affordable, keeping you from cleaning out your bank account.

Why Fayetteville State University?

Earning an online degree from Fayetteville State University can give you the education you need to further yourself in your career. With the knowledge and tools you will acquire, you will be able to show any prospective employer that you have the ability to succeed in the world of business. Fayetteville State University has constructed an online MBA degree program that turns your personal computer into a learning and communication tool. With it, you will be able to tackle all of the assignments handed out to you by your experiences and well-educated instructors. Don’t wait another minute to begin enhancing your education and your career.