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An online Operations Management MBA program will give you a solid business education and teach you about the operations involved in the production and distribution of products and goods. These types of programs integrate foundational business disciplines with the study of operations. An online MBA in operations management focuses on administration, finance and accounting and how they are utilized to support businesses. These types of programs teach students about the acquisition and utilization of resources to deliver services to clients.

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What Does an MBA in Operations Management Cover?

In a world of instant gratification, businesses work hard to get products and services to customers as quickly and cost efficiently as they can. The more successful they are at accomplishing this goal the more profitable they are able to be. This is why operations management is becoming more and more important to companies worldwide, as their ability to develop, produce and manufacture at optimum levels often determines whether they will stay in business. Operations Management MBA students learn how to manage the development, production and manufacturing of products and services. Given the vital role that operations management plays, it is a growing specialization within MBA programs.

An online Operations Management MBA is a graduate program that will educate you about business practices, as well as the role of operations in factory management, quality control and labor relations. The knowledge you gain and the skills you develop will prepare you to effectively manage and handle the responsibilities that come with operational roles. These programs include the same courses as in traditional MBA programs, along with additional curriculum relevant to the practices of operations management. By earning an online Operations Management MBA, you will be able to demonstrate to potential employers that you are not only educated in business practices but have the skills needed to excel in operations management.

Typically, these programs require students to complete about 48 to 51 credits, which can take one to three years depending on previous education, business course work and enrollment status. The first part of the program will focus on fundamental courses such as organizational behavior, business policy and strategy, business ethics and law, financial management, and business communication. These classes are meant to help you develop a thorough understanding of the world of business and how specific practices work together to increase profitability.

In the second part of the program, you will take advanced courses that emphasize the role of operations management in business and how it is utilized to deliver products and services. Classes may include production planning and control, strategic planning, supply chain management, project and change management, logistics, technology and innovation, operations analysis, product development and total quality management. Through these courses you will learn how to handle operations management activities such as scheduling, quality control, inventory, materials handling and equipment maintenance. These types of online MBA programs can be a flexible option if you wish to continue your education without putting your career on hold.

Getting Into an Operations Management MBA Program

Those who are interested in pursuing an Operations Management MBA program need to have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited school. Those students who did not major in business should make sure that they have mastered basic business and mathematical skills before applying so that they can get an idea of what to expect during their MBA studies. Those who did not earn a bachelor’s degree in business may be asked to complete several courses before submitting an application, including:

  • College Algebra
  • Foundations of Business
  • Business Law and Ethics

A minimum undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 is typically necessary for entry into Operations Management MBA programs. Some schools, such as Northeastern University, also require letters of recommendation, application essays, GMAT scores and resumes.

Who Should Pursue an Online Operations Management MBA?

If you have a strong interest in the processes involved in the development of products and services and a desire to take on the challenges that come along with management positions, earning an online Operations Management MBA may be a great career move. This degree will give you the business education you need to qualify for a management position, as well as help you develop the skills required to oversee the operations of large organizations.

Why Should I Get an AACSB Accredited Operations Management MBA?

The best online MBA operations management programs are those accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, as it approves only those that provide a quality education. Therefore, if you are looking for an education that potential employers can be confident in, you should get an online AACSB accredited Operations Management MBA.

What Jobs Can an Online Operations Management MBA Get Me?

  • Operations Manager: These managers are focused on optimizing the infrastructure of a business, corporation or organization by evaluating and implementing new approaches in the work environment, the vendor selection, supply chain management and budget. Operations managers formulate company policies, oversee daily operations and plan the use of materials and human resources.
  • Chief Operating Officer: These professionals are responsible for the daily and long-term operations of large corporations. They analyze their company’s operational needs, determine the best ways to meet them and oversee related activities to optimize performance. This may require them to direct the activities of several departments, implement organization guidelines, maintain quality standards, manage employees and oversee the distribution of products. They usually report to a chief executive officer about warehousing, production, budgets, materials, and rules and regulations.
  • Business Operations Consultant: These professionals help improve a company’s operations by developing plans and devising strategies to improve efficiency and increase profits. They study the methods, processes and structures that make up an organization’s internal operations to identify the areas that could be managed more effectively. They then consult with executives to clarify organizational goals and propose ways to enhance worker productivity, development planning and manufacturing processes. This may require them to undertake such duties as analyzing relevant data, creating solutions to problems, managing contracts and preparing recommendations.

Top Earning Industries for Jobs

Operations Manager:

  • Manufacturing and Distribution: $51,339-$81,940
  • Shipping/Transportation/Warehousing/Logistics: $48,865- $70,028

Chief Operating Officer:

  • Software Applications: $122,829-$185,336
  • Management Consulting: $112,500-$196,742

Business Operations Consultant:

  • Information Technology Services: $58,333-$94,942
  • Financial Services: $55,955-$81,563

How Do I Find Online Operations Management MBA Programs?

Rankings are a good indication of a worthwhile program. There are several publications that publish annual rankings of the best colleges and universities as well as the programs that they offer, including:

  • U.S. News & World Report
  • Businessweek

Rankings of Online Operations Management MBA programs are based on such factors as academic quality, student selectivity, student-to-faculty ratio, graduation rate and post-graduation outcome.

These search tools can be helpful too:

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