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Headquarters: Charles Town, West Virginia

Type: Private

Accreditation: ACBSP

Base Program Cost: $12,675

Per Credit Hour: $325

Minimum Credit Hours: 39

GMAT Required: No

Minimum Time Commitment: 24 months

Concentrations Available Online: Generalist/Electives, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Global Business Management, Homeland Security Resource Allocation, Information Technology Management, Marketing, Nonprofit Management

On Campus Requirements: No

School Site: Online MBA Overview | Tuition | Financial Aid


American Public University was founded in 1991 as a military university that would accommodate the educational needs of military personnel. This meant providing them courses in specialized areas that were not usually seen in a normal academic setting. In 1998, the university switched to a 100 percent online institution and eventually became the American Public University in 2002.

APU believes in providing an affordable, quality education to all of its students. Their courses are designed to offer student relevant training needed in today’s job market. Students can expect to learn from a curriculum that is continuously checked by industry experts to ensure the skills learned are needed in their corresponding industries.


After switching to a online educational facility, American Public University became recognized by the Higher Learning Commission and The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools in 2006. The school of business has also been accredited through Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).


With an emphasis on relevant educational experiences, American Public University strives to provide their online MBA students with the tools needed to conduct advanced business analysis. Students will be able to objectively compare the different managerial approaches and understand how they impact them as individuals and as a team. Students can expect to take 27 hours in core requirement classes

The program also explores the issues that impact today’s marketplace. Students will be able to evaluate trends. Financial tools will also be used to find the best solutions to current problems as well as analyze any growth potential in the future.

Depending on their area of expertise, students can construct their program to explore concentrations in certain areas. Currently, APU will offer students online MBA programs with a concentration in: accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, global business management, homeland security resource allocation, information technology management, marketing, and nonprofit management. Along with their core classes, students will take an additional nine credit hours to fulfill their concentration requirement.


All students that apply to the online MBA program at American Public University must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. There are different requirements depending on the type of undergraduate degree.
• If it is a non-business-related bachelor’s degree, then students are required to take global business management, managerial analysis, and quantitative analysis first.
• If the student has a business degree that is from an accredited university then they do not have to take global business management, managerial analysis, and quantitative analysis. They can take three graduate electives instead.
• If the student has a business degree but it is not accredited then they will have to take global business management, managerial analysis, and quantitative analysis.
Additional admissions requirements for APU are:
• Completion of the graduate school application
• Completed online orientation
• Send in undergraduate transcript
• Complete enrollment with assigned admissions representative.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The base level price for students to obtain their online MBA through American Public University is $12,675. There are a required 39 hours needed before receiving a degree and the cost breaks down to $325 per credit hour. Along with these costs, students can expect to pay between $1,625 and $2,275 for books and supplies. Upon completion of their program, students will also be required to take a comprehensive exam which will cost $250.

School Resources

American Public University offers students the opportunity to learn from faculty that has graduated from top schools across the country including: Stanford University, Cambridge University, and Harvard University. In addition, many of these experts work closely with organizations such as: the United Nations, Department of Homeland Security, and the Central Intelligence Agency. Along with a prestigious faculty, students can expect to set themselves apart by joining various school organizations and academic honors societies.

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