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Campus: Dayton, Tennessee

Type: Private, Faith-Based

Accreditation: IACBE

Base Program Cost: $16,812

Per Credit Hour: $467

Minimum Credit Hours: 36

GMAT Required: No

Minimum Time Commitment: 18 months

Concentrations Available Online: Generalist/Electives, Human Resources, Marketing

On Campus Requirements: No

School Site: Online MBA Overview | Tuition | Financial Aid


Named after statesman and renowned prosecuting attorney William Jennings Bryan and founded in 1930, Bryan College is a Christian school located in Dayton, Tennessee. Of their 1,400 students that enroll each year, over 600 students participate solely online.

Bryan College seeks to assist in the personal development and growth of the qualified students by supplying an education that is structured on an integrated understanding of the Bible and the liberal arts. Bryan differs from most colleges in that it sticks with traditional and novel means of education. Coupling a firm, Christian theological foundation with adaptions for the modern economy, Bryan offers quite a different experience from the norm.


Bryan College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and schools (CCSACS) to award the graduate, baccalaureate, and associate degrees. The college is also accredited for its business programs by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).


Bryan College’s online MBA program is available in three different specific areas of study focus: general management, marketing concentration, and human resource management. Understanding the challenges associated with a student who works full-time, lives with a family, or just has a busy lifestyle, Bryan makes it possible to achieve the goal of obtaining a master’s degree on your own schedule.

The program is developed on six platforms:

• Leadership formation – The MBA program provides a model for ethical behavior in leadership, incorporates themes of leadership and integrity on the basis of a biblical worldview that is consistent with the mission of the institution, and produces a group of students that are well-educated, competent, and highly qualified leaders for the city and region’s business world.
• Academic Rigor – Taking sound business principles, the MBA program builds on that foundation and with the highly qualified and experienced faculty, develops the student’s ability to exercise critical thinking skills and effective evaluation and analysis.
• Technological Competence – Students learn how to apply technology tools to both industry and business, as well as utilize the communication capabilities of such technology. The program also introduces the concept of taking advantage of changing technology in order to gain a competitive advantage in the business world.
• Global Astuteness – Being aware of the surrounding culture and religious framework in today’s world is key to conducting effective business. The MBA program emphasizes these changes, establishes a relationship with the European University to provide faculty exchange, as well as offering students the chance to travel internationally to observe the workings of the European Union and the Eastern Europe and Turkey emerging markets.
• Research Orientation – Research orientation gives students an understanding and application of statistical processes for decision-making as well as contributing to the knowledge base. It also offers teaches students how to complete individual research projects that directly benefit companies represented in the cohort system (younger students working with adult students).
• Service commitment – This particular platform instills a sense of volunteerism through service projects for each cohort while providing practical experience in “board” contribution and membership. It also links private and public initiatives while offering service opportunities.


Graduate admission requirements for Bryan College are fairly simple:

• Applicants must have a minimum of a 2.75 Grade Point Average (GPA) with their Bachelor’s Degree
• Must complete an online application
• Resume must be submitted to the appropriate contact (listed on Bryan’s website)
• Two letters of recommendation (at least one of them should be work related) shall be secured and submitted electronically
• An official transcript must be mailed in to the appropriate address (also listed on the website)
• Upon being accepted, applicants will be required to fill out the online orientation prior to the beginning of the first course.

Tuition and Financial Aid

For one term of online MBA program studies, the cost comes to $5,604; for the entire program, the total is $16,812. Additional fees (such as a software licensing fee of $30 and a graduation fee of $200) will also apply.

Bryan College does accept financial aid through FAFSA, but not for graduate programs. They do encourage the use of outside scholarships such as the Academic Business Scholarship which provides $1,000 annually (can be reapplied for each year) and the Online Master Degree Scholarship (an annual $500 award). Bryan also accepts loans as a payment form and offers a payment plan option to students as well. The payment plan constitutes monthly installment, or semester payments depending on the desired financing of the student. Keep in mind there is a $55 enrollment fee for students utilizing the payment plan option. However, spreading out payments accrues less interest charges compared to borrowing.

School Resources

For students obtaining their master’s degree online, there are a few valuable resources Bryan provides. Once a student acquires a login, they can access the online library, go through orientation, request a transcript, check their schedule, visit the virtual bookstore, and create and view a textbook list. They can also confirm their commencement information to determine whether or not they are still on track to graduate. Admissions and financial aid can also be processed online.

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