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Campus: Troy, Alabama

Type: Public University

Accreditation: ACBSP

Base Program Cost: $16,200

Per Credit Hour: $450

Minimum Credit Hours: 36

GMAT Required: Yes

Minimum Time Commitment: 12 months

Online Concentrations: International Economic Development, Information Systems

On Campus Requirements: No

School Site: Troy University Online MBA


Troy University was first established in February of 1887 as an educational institute to train teachers. Since that time, it has grown to enroll nearly 7,000 graduate level students on-campus and online. Troy prides itself in the ability to deliver complete degrees online or provide a comprehensive set of courses that complement their in-class work. They are dedicated to providing a flexible online program for students who may be busy with work or family life but still desire to further their education and career through an MBA degree.

Troy has always believed that students should not be limited access to a college degree because of those inhibiting factors. The university is committed to encouraging the discovery and exploration of knowledge and how it applies to long-term success through service, effective teaching, scholarship, creative partnerships, and research.


Troy University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award their degrees, and by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) specifically for their business programs.


The online MBA program offered by Troy University grants students the opportunity to become proficient in all matters of general business management and critical thinking, decision-making skills. They will improve in strategic planning, organizational abilities, use of effective written and oral communication skills, and analysis. The program is comprised of 36 semester hours with five concentration options: accounting, finance, international economic development, information systems, and general management. At the accelerated rate, a student can complete the entire MBA program online in about 12 months.

Graduate level work at Troy University is designed to give students a thorough understanding of research and the manner in which it is conducted. The students are taught to take a systematic, thorough, critical, analytical, and interpretive manner. Troy believes that preconceived notions have no place in the system of research, as it clouds the process of effective research. Graduate level students will be required to pass evaluation exams that will accurately reflect the progress of each student. Additionally, they will write coherent papers reflecting the results of their research and participate in course projects to further establish their acquired knowledge and skill-set.


To be considered for admission to Troy University, applicants must meet the required criteria outlined below:

1. Students applying for admission must provide official transcripts from all universities attended.

2. Applicants who have completed a master’s or higher degree from a regionally accredited university may be admitted unconditionally. (No graduate admission test scores are required.) Official transcripts from all universities attended must be submitted, to include an official transcript showing completion of a master’s or higher degree.

3. A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university is required. (Students with a baccalaureate degree from an unaccredited or otherwise accredited institution should see Unaccredited or Otherwise Accredited Student Admissions.)

4. Applicants must have achieved at least a 2.5 GPA in all undergraduate work or at least a 3.0 GPA in the last 30 semester hours.

5. Official graduate admission exam results (GMAT, GRE [verbal and quantitative]), must be on file (except for applicants with a previous master’s or higher degree; see #2 above).

6. A letter of recommendation is required with all applications for the MBA program. The individual’s potential for success in the MBA program, his/her professional, managerial or administrative experience, as well as his/her written and oral communication skills must be addressed.

Conditional admittance is allowed if students complete the first three graduate level courses with a “B” or higher average, then they will be given unconditional admittance..

Tuition and Financial Aid

The base cost for the entire online MBA program at Troy University is $16,200, which is broken down at the rate of $450 per credit hour. Additional costs include application, testing, and transcript fees.

Troy has several scholarships specifically for graduate students. These scholarships can provide significant financial assistance for students who might have other substantial financial obligations. To determine eligibility for scholarships, students should apply to the correct campus online or the Office of Admissions. Additional forms of financial aid include military or veterans aid, Federal Grants (through the FAFSA program), and corporate tuition reimbursement programs.

School Resources

eTroy is the heart of all online classroom activity. The site lists resources for the online degree-seeking students including access to the Blackboard classroom, an explanation of how eTroy classes work, the online schedule of classes, and testing information. Troy also provides a student email program to help the students connect with one another.

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