With MBA programs taking up to two years and many costing a pretty penny, you want to be able to answer the question “What can I do with an MBA degree?” before you enroll in a program. Fortunately, there are many careers that are aided by or that require that students have an MBA, making it a potentially versatile and profitable career choice.

The most logical use for an online MBA is in the business sector. Many graduates of MBA programs go on to work in existing businesses and corporations or to start their own using their new found management expertise. Because MBA programs teach students about important business concerns like leadership, money management, employee relations, and marketing it makes sense that these skills would help career advancement in the field of business. From upper management positions to executive careers, the wealth of opportunities afforded to those with an MBA can be extensive in the business field. In fact, many companies limit their searches for upper level managers to those with MBA degrees, opening up new possibilities for careers to those who have the necessary experience.

Of course, business isnít the only field where an MBA can come in handy. Those working in fields like healthcare, engineering, music, and education can also make good use of an MBA. Graduates of MBA programs will learn the management skills they need to work in administrative and leadership positions within these fields, giving them more career mobility and the possibility of advancement beyond what their undergraduate degrees allow.

Students with an MBA can also choose to go it on their own and start their own businesses. There are a variety of MBA programs that provide specialty training in entrepreneurship to help those who have a great business idea finally get the training and expertise, not to mention the business connections, to get it off the ground. With courses in everything from accounting to information technology, graduates of an MBA program should be prepared to handle all the obstacles that come along with starting their own business.

What you can do with an MBA degree is really up to you and how far you want to go in your career. Graduates of an MBA program can choose to use their skills to help others in a nonprofit or to climb the corporate ladder and reach the upper echelons of management. Regardless of the career path you choose, your return on a MBA is based on how much you want to push yourself to reach your personal and professional goals.