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What Do Employers Think of Online MBAs?

In the majority of MBA programs, the only difference between on-campus and online is delivery method so employers actually do not think very differently about those who earned an MBA through an online program.

Online education has come a long way in the past decade thanks to ever-advancing technologies, fast Internet speeds, and innovative virtual learning environments. Not only do many online universities offer high-quality MBA programs but in order to meet the demand for online education more brick and mortar business schools are taking their traditional on-campus MBA programs and adapting them into an online format. Essentially, this involves an overhaul of the traditional MBA program by formatting all courses, including syllabus, curriculum, instruction, and assignments, for online distribution. This may mean that lectures are viewed through streaming video, class materials can be downloaded off of a course Web site, assignments are submitted online, and class discussions take place in chat rooms. When taking this into consideration, it’s obvious that online students receive the exact same MBA education just delivered in a different way.

As the programs are essentially the same so is the educational value, making both the on-campus and online student equally qualified upon graduation. For most employers, the fact that a candidate is adequately qualified for a job is what matters, not the distribution method that made it possible for the candidate to develop those qualifications. In fact, there are many factors involved in online MBA programs that can make students even more qualified job candidates. Earning an MBA online allows you to hold a job at the same time, which makes it possible to still maintain a career and gain valuable work experience while in school. It also shows that you are able to handle work responsibilities while meeting the demands of a rigorous academic program, proof of your motivation level and ability to be successful. Handling both simultaneously also requires organizational and management skills, which are qualities required of those in executive positions.

When it comes to interviews, many employers will not even inquire as to which method you used to earn an MBA. As long as your MBA was earned through a reputable business school, it shouldn’t matter if you physically attended a lecture or streamed it over your computer. One way to be sure that an online MBA program is of high quality and meets the same educational standards as any other type of program, is by checking accreditation. Business schools and programs accredited by respected organizations such as the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs, and International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education should meet the expectations of any employer.