Students interested in pursuing a graduate business degree that emphasizes technology can earn an online MBA in information systems. This MBA provides the same essential foundations in business, alongside a concentration in information systems. An online MBA in information systems covers business and management, exploring their intersections with computers and the technology most businesses employ. Courses also include hardware, software, and network administration.

The MBA with a technology specialization provides graduates with the marketable skills employers seek. This guide dives into what prospective students can expect from an online information systems degree.

Online MBA in Information Systems Curriculum

Courses in an online information systems degree often combine business fundamentals with information technology, including data analysis, security, and network administration. The table below offers some examples of courses commonly featured in these programs; however, keep in mind that available courses and requirements may vary by school.

Data Modeling

Project Management

IT Security & Infrastructure

Enterprise Systems and Resource Planning

Comparison of Information Systems Master's Degrees

Degree Type Description Potential Career Path
Master's of Business Administration (MBA) in Information Systems The MBA in information systems emphasizes the intersections between business, management, and technology. This program explores effectively incorporating information systems into business operations in order to identify growth potential and differentiate a business by utilizing a large variety of business intelligence acquired through data collection. Leadership roles in startups, computer network analyst, network administrator, head of information technology department
Master's in Information Systems This degree heavily emphasizes the technical aspects of computer information systems. The curriculum explores implementing and designing complete databases; identifying new technology that aligns with company strategy and improves company efficiency and revenue; and effectively introduces, manages, and directs newly-found information technologies into the company and employee workflow. Database administrator, information security analyst, training and development manager
Master's in Database Systems Master's in database systems learners study data mining, security, warehousing, and modeling. Courses emphasize skills in database administration, including classes in creating databases and security projects, and mining existing industry data to identify issues in quality and patterns. Computer systems architect, network architect, database administrator
Master's in Database Administration A database administration master's program primarily serves students with existing experience in information technology. This degree emphasizes building and maintaining database and network systems, enterprise architecture, and software engineering. Some programs offer a business emphasis or concentration, which may highlight courses in finance and management. Database administrator, computer programmer, network administrator

Information Systems Scholarships

Earning a master's in information systems online comes at a cost, comprising over two or three years of tuition, fees, and materials. Scholarships, grants, and other non-repayable funding options can help supplement degree costs. The scholarships below specifically serve students earning degrees in information systems and related fields.

Scholarship Description
DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship

Who Can Apply: Undergraduate seniors and first-year graduate students may apply for this award, intended for those planning to or currently studying computer sciences and related fields. Recipients may renew the award for subsequent years.

Amount: $37,000

(ISC)² Graduate Scholarship Program

Who Can Apply: The Center for Cyber Safety and Education offers 20 scholarships to graduate students in cybersecurity, information assurance, or a closely related field. Applicants need a minimum 3.5 GPA and must submit a personal essay.

Amount: $1,000-$5,000

ARMA International Education Foundation Scholarship

Who Can Apply: The Association of Records Managers and Administrators Educational Foundation offers a scholarship program for students pursuing degrees in information management. Applicants must enroll in a bachelor's or graduate program. Funds vary based on availability.

Amount: Varies

AFCEA Scholarship Program

Who Can Apply: The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association offers different scholarship opportunities, including chapter-based, diversity, and STEM programs. Applicants need a minimum 3.5 GPA in all graduate coursework.

Amount: Varies

Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award

Who Can Apply: Applicants for this award must be members in the Golden Key International Honor Society and must submit a personal essay, letters of recommendation, and complete a program questionnaire.

Amount: $10,000

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