Information technology careers continue to steadily increase, providing lucrative and diverse options for many MBA in information technology graduates. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) finds that the field's career outlook shows consistent growth, with most information technology jobs rising faster than average. In fact, computer and information research scientists jobs show a steady growth rate of 19% and careers as information technology managers have a projected 12% growth rate, both faster than average. Although no degree guarantees employment or a high salary, an MBA in information technology certainly differentiates graduates from other job candidates. Continue reading to learn more about this degree.

What Can You Do With an Online MBA in Information Technology

In the chart below, browse examples of information technology jobs obtainable with an online MBA in information technology. Each listing also includes a description, professional settings, and average annual salary.

Information Technology Manager Average Salary: $87,492
  • Companies of All Sizes
  • Technology Firms
  • Public Sector
Information technology managers possess strong leadership skills and quick thinking during a technological issue. The job's daily duties include overseeing a company's computer network to ensure it continues to properly work. These individuals often lead a team of professionals who manage computer security, network technology, and company software.
Chief Technology Officer Average Salary: $156,996
  • Companies of All Sizes
  • CTechnology Firms
  • CPublic Sector
Chief technology officers play a vital role on their company's executive team. Typically the highest-ranking technology employee, this individual leads a team in technology production. This career requires insight into the latest technology, a passion for growth, and strong leadership skills. In a constantly changing field, this information technology career requires adaptability.
IT Business Relationship Manager Average Salary: $87,375
  • Companies of All Sizes
  • Technology Firms
  • Public Sector
These professionals relay messages between the information technology and business departments of an organization to ensure clear and efficient communication. Information technology business relationship managers help others relate to customer needs and address technological issues. These professionals need good communication skills and a strong knowledge of technology-related problems businesses face.
Sources: PayScale

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Information Technology Pay Comparison

How much you can make with an MBA in information technology versus a bachelor's in information technology depends on many variables, including where you work, how long you work, and what title you hold. The following chart illustrates the difference in median pay between bachelor's degree holders and master's degree holders in sample information technology jobs.

Degree Job Average Job Salary
MBA Information Technology Director $117,916
Bachelor's IT Support Analyst $53,337
Source: PayScale, 2019

What Certifications and Licenses are Needed for a Career in Information Technology?

Obtaining certifications and licensures in the information technology field leads to more job prospects and higher salaries. In fact, in many cases, they're crucial for certain jobs or responsibilities. The following list illustrates three examples of credentials that may benefit information technology professionals. Many others exist, so explore the credentials that best fit your needs.

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