Earning your international business degree readies you for a career in the global marketplace. As technology advances and our world becomes increasingly more connected, businesses both large and small have embraced the future of an international market and are seeking professionals ready to engage on a global scale. Students looking to enter the lucrative business field may be interested in learning what they can do with an international business degree. This guide will provide an in-depth look into the process and outcomes of earning your MBA in international business online.

Online MBA in International Business Curriculum

While variations in elective coursework and total credit requirements exist, all accredited online MBA programs in international business follow the same basic curriculum. Some programs emphasize practical knowledge, while others focus on the theory of business and prepare for a career in any facet of the business world. Since an MBA is considered a general master's in business, the curriculum covers a spectrum of standard classes. Coursework in any MBA program is aimed to prepare graduates to apply knowledge directly from class to their professional life.

The below chart showcases examples of key classes you can expect in any accredited online MBA in international business. This chart details not only what skills you will gain by completing these classes, but also the occupational skill level you will be prepared for if you choose to enter the designated field.

International Finance

International Management

International Marketing

International Human Resource Management

Comparison of International Business Master's Degrees

Many people are under the impression that an MBA is the only route to pursuing a graduate degree in business. In fact there are many potential options for earning a master's in business. An MBA is considered one of the more general business master's programs. The designation is beneficial to individuals who may not be sure which area of business they want to pursue after graduation. An MBA provides a thorough, but generalized knowledge of many different facets of business.

Alternatively, there are numerous specialized graduate degrees in business to pursue, such as an MBA in international business. These more concentrated master's programs are geared toward students who know exactly what they want to do with their advanced degree. Coursework in these programs will not offer the range of a general MBA, but instead covers the intricacies of one subject. It should also be noted that some schools allow students to concentrate their MBA with additional, elective classwork in specific topics. The below table highlights some of the more common concentrations of master's degrees in business.

Degree Type Description Potential Career Path
MBA in International Business An MBA in international business is the generalized program of a traditional MBA with additional coursework devoted to international business topics. The curriculum combines fundamental MBA concepts, such as accounting, management, marketing, and finance, with niche topics in international business. Corporate Audit Director, Supply Chain Management Director, Government Affairs Director, Business Analytics Manager, Marketing and Sales Director
Master's in International Business A master's in international business focuses almost exclusively on the intricacies of international business. This degree is aimed toward students who want to work for large companies with offices overseas, or for students aiming to work internationally. Concepts are similar to those of regular business courses. Sales Manager, International trader, Finance Controller, Business Development Manager, Management Analyst, Management Consultant, International Management Consultant, International Marketing Manager
Master in International Management (MIM) A master's in international management is geared for students looking to work in international companies of all sizes. A MIM program provides students with training in management all over the world, including classwork in international boundary management. In addition to classic business courses, a MIM includes lessons in culture and adaptation. International Director of Marketing, International Finance Manager, Multinational Manager, Director of Business Development, International Trade Manager, International Customs Manager, Foreign Policy Advisor
Master of Public Affairs (MPA) An MPA provides training in public policy and focuses on developing skills in management. Earning an MPA prepares graduates for employment in nonprofit organizations. Where an MBA focuses primarily on business and administrative coursework, an MPA offers classes in policy, social work, sociology and law. City or County Manager, Local Government Administrator, Policy Analyst, Budget Director, Economic Development Manager, Nonprofit Executive, Charity Manager, Foundational Director

International Business Scholarships

It should come as no surprise that there can be a high cost associated with earning an upper level degree. As the price of higher education has continued to rise, more and more people are looking for alternatives to taking out student loans. Fortunately it is common for schools, communities, and foundations to sponsor scholarship opportunities for individuals seeking degrees in certain fields. The below scholarships are examples of what is available to those seeking a degree in international business.

Scholarship Description
BP Global - Citizens of Tomorrow

Who Can Apply: The BP Global Citizens of Tomorrow Scholarship is awarded to a diverse group of students seeking an education to expand their intercultural understanding. This scholarship is awarded to students with proven financial need.

Amount: Varies

Celia M. Howard Fellowship

Who Can Apply: This fellowship, founded by the IFBPW (Illinois Federation of Business and Professional Women) is available to mature female students pursuing a master's or doctorate degree in international business.

Amount: $10,000

Henry A. Zuberano Scholarship

Who Can Apply: This scholarship opportunity is sponsored by the HCF (Hawaii Community Foundation) and is awarded to nine undergraduate or graduate students each year. Recipients must be seeking a degree in international business, public administration, or political science.

Amount: $1,000 annually

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