What is international business? The field encompasses every area of enterprise with a global focus. In the global economy, professionals with an MBA in international business can bring specialized training to the workforce, including in global finance, supply chain management, and emerging markets. Here's how an international business MBA can advance your career and increase your earning potential.

What Is an MBA in International Business?

An MBA in international business prepares graduates for a growing number of job opportunities that require advanced business training.

  • What Is an MBA in International Business?

    An international business MBA trains graduate students in global business, preparing them for opportunities with Fortune 500 and international business organizations. Within international business, MBA students can focus on topics such as logistics, human resources management, marketing, or global finance.

  • What Do Students Learn in an International Business MBA?

    During an MBA in international business, students complete core courses in business, such as finance, marketing, and management. The international business concentration can include courses in global supply chain management, import and export regulations, and sustainability.

  • How Does It Differ From a Master's in International Business?

    Unlike many master's in international business programs, MBA students receive a well-rounded education in business principles in addition to specialized training in international business. The degree prepares graduates for careers in many business specializations after graduation. A master's in international business often includes a focus on research and theory, while an MBA provides strong practical skills training.

  • Why Choose the MBA in International Business Over the Master's in International Business?

    An MBA demonstrates advanced business training to potential employers, providing greater versatility in the professional world. Graduates pursue opportunities in global logistics, international business management, and management analysis, applying their workforce-ready MBA training for global corporations.

Why Should You Get an Online MBA in International Business?

Earning an online MBA in international business offers flexibility and accessibility over a traditional program. Pursuing an online degree is becoming more commonplace for master's candidates, as work and personal responsibilities can make online studies more of an ideal learning environment. According to U.S. News & World Report, 91% of online MBA students work full time while earning their degrees. An online degree lets MBA students arrange their classes around work or family obligations, making it easier than ever to complete a graduate degree.

The BLS predicts average or faster-than-average growth for some management jobs, including those in business management. Openings for CEOs, CFOs, operations managers, and general managers will increase by 8%, according to BLS projections. Other job titles for international business MBAs, such as financial manager, will see even stronger growth, with BLS projecting a 19% increase in positions by 2026.

Openings for CEOs, CFOs, operations managers, and general managers will increase by 8%, according to BLS projections.

You can find several international business jobs that pay well. Marketing managers average over $132,000 per year, according to BLS, while financial managers make nearly $128,000. Human resources managers earn an average of over $113,000 a year, and chief executives earn nearly $190,000 per year on average.

An MBA in international business can help you stand out from other job applicants. Earning an MBA demonstrates advanced business training, and many employers prefer candidates with a graduate degree. Among top executives, for example, only 26% hold a master's degree.

An MBA will teach you leadership skills so you can lead an international business team. MBA students can gain valuable business, management, and leadership skills in addition to specialized training in international business. These skills prepare graduates for opportunities directing and leading teams.

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