Pursuing an MBA is one of the first steps an aspiring business professional should take to further career opportunities. Students have the option of earning their master's in business administration on-campus or online. With the rise in popularity of online programs, more and more schools are now offering distance learning options. By offering distance education, Rhode Island schools are becoming more popular nationwide, making the programs more prestigious. The below list of schools is a ranking of the top Rhode Island schools offering an online MBA.

Online MBA Programs in Rhode Island

With expected growth in finance, healthcare, and computing, Rhode Island may be one of the best places to have an MBA in coming years. The accessibility of virtual education has made receiving a master's in business administration more convenient than ever. The following list includes every accredited Rhode Island online MBA program.

Rank School Location Cost Toggle Logo Tuition % Receiving Financial Aid Student Population School Type Description
Salve Regina University
Location Newport , RI Tuition $$$$$ % Receiving Financial Aid 76 Student Population 2,757 Tuition $20,340 School Type Private

This Catholic university in Newport, Rhode Island offers an online master's in business administration. To earn this 36-credit degree, candidates must complete 12 courses on financial, legal, and managerial concepts for international business. Program prerequisites include accounting, economics, and statistics classes. The department accepts undergraduate coursework and College Level Examination Program test scores for these prerequisites.

Learners can concentrate on cybersecurity issues in business, entrepreneurial enterprise, nonprofit management, social ventures, healthcare administration, and management. Candidates must complete a capstone in strategic management and business policy to earn this Rhode Island online MBA.

The school provides health services to students, on campus and at the Newport Hospital. Additionally, degree seekers qualify for free counseling. Students pursuing an online MBA near campus can utilize these benefits. Applicants to this Rhode Island's MBA online program must submit transcripts, personal statements, resumes, and recommendation letters.

Salve University's business programs boast accreditation from the International Accreditation Council for Business Education.

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Johnson & Wales University
Location Providence , RI Tuition $$$$$ % Receiving Financial Aid 86 Student Population 500 Tuition $25,974 School Type Private

Johnson and Wales University began in 1914, and currently offers an online MBA from Providence, Rhode Island. This master's in business administration prepares candidates to make analytical and ethical choices while leading global businesses.

Students complete 36-42 credits through courses such as corporate financial accounting, operations management, effective leadership, strategic marketing, and research and inquiry. The department also requires a business policy and strategy capstone. Each class takes eight weeks to complete, so students can finish this degree in two years.

This private university offers online tutoring through Smarthinking, which learners can access 24 hours a day. Degree seekers can also benefit from the school's professional services, including internship opportunities, resume guidance, and interview assistance. To apply to this online MBA program in Rhode Island, candidates must submit a statement of purpose and recommendation letters. All online graduate students pay the same tuition rates, regardless of residency.

The New England Commission on Higher Education is accredited by Johnson and Wales University.

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Why Consider an Online MBA in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island is host to some of the nation's best schools, both online and on-campus. Between Brown University, Providence College, and the Rhode Island School of Design, it is clear why students from all over the country may be interested in pursuing higher education in this state. As the economy of Rhode Island continues to grow, more and more students are turning toward pursuing not just traditional, on-campus degrees from Rhode Island schools, but also the wealth of online programs now available. Despite its relatively small size, Rhode Island is experiencing a growth in healthcare, finance, and computing fields, making now a good time to pursue higher education in the state.

Number of Students Enrolled in Distance Education (2015)

Undergraduate Graduate
Any Distance 9,511 1,028
Exclusively Distance 1,165 554
On-Campus 71,972 10,320
Source: Digital Learning Compass

Distance Enrollment by Institution Type (2015)

All Students Graduate Students Enrolled in Any Distance
Private not-for-profit 2,161 613
Public 7,350 415
Source: Digital Learning Compass

MBA Concentrations for Rhode Island Students

Students seeking an MBA in Rhode Island benefit from concentrating their degree in one of the top industries in this state. In Rhode Island, major employment industries include defense, shipbuilding, maritime, advanced business services, life sciences, and IT software and data analytics. Companies tend to favor graduates who have attended a local school for a number of reasons, including regional knowledge, and familiarity with the coursework graduates have completed. By tailoring your degree to one of the largest industries in Rhode Island, you increase your chances of being hired into one of the most lucrative businesses in the state. The below concentrations may be some of the best suited for students completing their online MBA in Rhode Island.

  • Sustainable Development An MBA with a concentration in sustainable development is appealing to students looking to enter the defense or shipbuilding industries in Rhode Island. The creation of sustainable ships and other maritime vessels is the future of defense.
  • Finance/Accounting By concentrating your MBA in the financial sector, you will be equipped to enter any advanced position in business services. As business continues to grow in Rhode Island, you will be prepared for a career at a variety of local companies.
  • Information Systems There is a strong, nationwide need for professionals with skills in information systems. Combining your MBA with a concentration in information systems will make you valuable to any industry involving IT and/or data analytics.

Accreditation in Rhode Island

The best online MBA programs in Rhode Island are offered through accredited institutions. These schools have met the strict academic and ethical standards set by quality control organizations known as accrediting bodies. Depending on the accrediting body that assesses a school, it may be considered regionally or nationally accredited. Most nationally accredited schools are for-profit vocational or technical institutions, while nonprofit schools typically receive regional accreditation. Of the two types, regional accreditation is generally considered more prestigious. Credits earned at a nationally accredited school are less likely to transfer than those from their regionally accredited counterparts. If you want to improve your career prospects with an online MBA, Rhode Island is home to many regionally accredited institutions.

Rhode Island Economy, Career, and Job Outlook for MBA Graduates

Rhode Island has a concentration of opportunities in business and business development. According to a study by Battelle Technology Partnership Practice, there are several sectors experiencing rapid economic growth in this state. Some of the largest industries include life sciences, cyber-physical systems, IT software, shipbuilding and maritime defense, design, manufacturing, and tourism. Unsurprisingly, according to the BLS, some of the fastest growing occupations in Rhode Island are in the most popular industries in the state.

MBA students can take advantage of this growth by combining their interest in business with careers that have the most potential in coming years. By tailoring your online MBA in Rhode Island to a growing industry in the state, you have a strong likelihood that you will be an asset to your company. Professionals who obtain higher levels of education are known to earn more money throughout their lifetimes. By obtaining an MBA, you increase your earning potential. By choosing to strategically concentrate your degree, you make your experience even more indispensable, thereby making yourself more professionally valuable.

Over the next ten years, it is projected that Rhode Island's economy will continue to grow, making an online MBA in Rhode Island a valuable degree.

Company Location Main Industry Number of Employees
Lifespan Health Connection Providence Healthcare 14,000
United States Dept. of Navy Newport Defense 8,000
Rhode Island Hospital Providence Healthcare 5,754
Source: Careeronestop

Due to the growth of Rhode Island's economy, the job market is becoming increasingly more competitive. As this competition for jobs continues to stiffen, it is more important than ever to make yourself as valuable as possible. Earning an MBA, particularly one concentrated in one of Rhode Island's major industries, makes you a top candidate to hiring managers throughout the state.

Earning Potential with an MBA in the State of Rhode Island

Medical and Health Services Managers

These professionals are responsible for planning, coordinating, and directing health services in clinics, outpatient care centers, hospitals, public health agencies, and any related institutions. On average, professionals in the field earn $99,730 per year. Employment in healthcare management is projected to increase 20% until 2026.

Financial Analysts

Financial analysts are employed in virtually all companies, making these professionals crucial to any operation. Professionals in this role quantitatively analyze factors of investments for public and private institutions. Financial analysts make an average of $85,660 per year.

Market Research Analysts

These professionals research market conditions on a national, regional, and/or local scale. Market research analysts configure data to determine the possible sales for a service or product. Relevant data may include information on prices, sales, and competition. On average, market analysts make a yearly salary of $67,120.

Human Resource Managers

Valuable in companies of all sizes, human resource managers are employment specialists responsible for recruiting, interviewing, and managing people within an office environment. These professionals work in companies on a local, regional, national, and global scale. Human resource managers make an average of $113,300 per year.

Management Analysts

Management analysts are responsible for conducting evaluations, studies, and procedures that simplify management of groups of people within companies and corporations. These professionals prepare procedures to streamline human management practices. Management Analysts earn an average annual wage of $83,610.

How to Choose an Online MBA in Rhode Island

There are many important considerations to make before settling on an online MBA program in Rhode Island. These include factors discussed above like cost, accreditation, and available specializations. The following list includes some key steps to follow during the program research process for MBA options in any state.

  • Compare student outcomes data

    Student outcomes include graduation rate, year-to-year retention rate, the average debt for a graduate from that school, and overall student satisfaction with their degree program. Student outcomes do not guarantee you will be satisfied with a particular program, but can be useful for pinpointing a school's strengths and weaknesses.

  • Estimate the expected costs of your programs

    Virtually every accredited college or university posts tuition rates online. Additionally, you should research other college-related costs like living accommodations and meal plans (if you plan to live on-campus), administrative fees, and technology fees (for online students). You should also look into scholarships, grants, and other forms of institutional financial aid that can offset some of the costs.

  • Check that classes will fit in with your schedule

    Scheduling is critical for students with other important commitments, such as childcare or full-time employment. Many online programs are asynchronous, or self-paced; students in these tracks are free to complete course requirements on their own schedule. Synchronous programs, on the other hand, require weekly online meetings with teachers and fellow students.

  • Look for partnerships with local businesses

    A large number of online MBA programs include internship and/or capstone practicum requirements ― and in many cases, students are able to gain on-the-job training and real-world office experience. You should look into the school's business partnerships, particularly in regard to the industry you plan to enter after earning your MBA.

  • Make sure the program is accredited

    Accreditation status should always be available and easily accessible on a school's website. In addition to regional or national accreditation, some MBA pathways receive programmatic accreditation. Recognized programmatic accreditors for MBA programs include the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) and the International Accreditation Counsel for Business Education (IACBE).

  • Talk to current students and/or recent alumni

    You should contact the alumni office at each school you are considering and ask to be connected with former students. These individuals can be good sources of information about education costs, life on- and off-campus, local business tips, and other important details for aspiring MBA students.

Online MBA Programs in Surrounding States

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