Accreditation Abbreviations:

Frequently Used Terms:

Primarily Asynchronous: Programs that allow students to participate when convenient within parameters determined by the school or faculty member. Some programs may require synchronous participation for certain classes or discussions.

Base Program Cost: Determined by number of credit hours multiplied by the cost per credit hour or tuition cost. Base program costs do not usually include textbooks, the cost of prerequisite courses or additional credit hours needed for certifications, unless noted.

GMAT Required: In certain cases, the GMAT requirement may be waived. This varies by school depending on undergraduate GPA, professional work experience, or previous graduate work. Schools that do require the GMAT may have a minimum score threshold to be considered for enrollment. GMAT requirements are best discussed with admissions counselors at the programs being considered.

Minimum Time Commitment: This is the minimum amount of time a student would need to earn their MBA. This minimum differs by school–based on the student's full time or part time status, waived prerequisites, or additional factors that are best discussed with an institution's admissions office.

Concentrations: MBA students can opt to follow a prescribed course sequence such as International Business, Health Care Administration, or other concentrations. Or they will follow a Generalist core curriculum and use Electives to select a concentration of their own design.

Campus Requirements: Some programs elect to have students come to campus for courses, testing, or other reasons best discussed with the admissions offices of the programs under consideration.

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