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Over the past decade or so, environmental concerns started swelling from a fringe movement to mainstream awareness. And this growing consciousness means growing pressure on purveyors of goods and services to follow suit and ensure their businesses show Mother Earth a little love and tenderness. Unsurprisingly, everyone has something to say on the subject at hand, and eco-friendly corporations (or those hoping to someday become eco-friendly) would do well to follow the news and views that could very well change things in time. For those who enjoy soaking up opinions and stories in the blog format, the following reads will prove worth their time and consideration.


    Multiple blogs and bloggers at cover a wonderfully broad range of topics relating back to green business and consumerism, making it an essential stop for anyone interested in the subject. Be sure to browse the rest of the site for even more information about developing eco-friendly initiatives in multiple industries.

  2. Business at Green:

    The New York Times’ Green blog focuses on way more than just the business end of the environmentalism movement, but definitely doesn’t slink away from addressing the latest news and views impacting and inspiring it. Stop by here regularly and keep up with all the ideas and strategies currently utilized by corporations hoping to push the core tenets of green practices forward.

  3. EDF + Business:

    Sustainable businesses often turn toward the Environmental Defense Fund for advice about converting to more eco-friendly solutions, and its official blog expounds on some of these services for general readers. For executives and entrepreneurs, the company illustrates how caring for the planet doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality — or profits, for that matter.

  4. The Sustainable Business Blog:

    Presented by The Guardian, this blog posts articles all about current trends and topics regarding sustainable business practices, particularly as they pertain to mounting environmental and economic concerns. The resource also covers some more general green stories as well, illustrating how everything interconnects when it comes to keeping the planet and its peoples as healthy as possible.

  5. BusinessGreen:

    No matter the industry, BusinessGreen posts about current eco-friendly initiatives and ideas shaping how companies conduct themselves, with a particular eye on automotive, energy, and electronics. Hit up the surrounding website for information about upcoming events, consumer reviews, news, and plenty more food for thought greenies will just eat up.

  6. Environmental Economics:

    Savvy green businessfolks know they have to understand how the economics of natural resources work in order to tailor their services around preserving them as much as their resources allow. Tim Haab and John Whitehead delve deeply into the true cost of using up land, oil, coal, gas, and the like, providing readers with detailed information about its relationship with business and industry.

  7. Gareth’s Blog:

    Terra Infirma coaches companies transitioning to low-carbon, sustainable practices, and takes its passion to the blog where founder Gareth Kane expounds on even more environmentally conscious topics. Interested parties may want to enroll in his Green Academy to learn all about making money without compromising the planet’s overall health and wellness.

  8. Deloitte’s Sustainable Business Blog:

    Despite being kinda sorta a little bit well-known for its financial services, Deloitte has started extending its reach toward promoting sustainability and eco-friendliness from this particular perspective. Pay its blog a visit for a general look at what switching to green could mean for a business’ long-term success and how they might even be able to save themselves some money over time.

  9. Sustainability in Business Association Inc.:

    This Australian nonprofit gathers together businesses and organizations alike seeking sustainability, and its blog presence keeps readers updated about corporate practices and events they might find valuable and educational. It also occasionally posts up general news stories about the state of the environment today as well as reviews of research presented at different conferences.

  10. AutoblogGreen:

    Both consumers and automotive professionals can learn a thing or two about what manufacturers are considering and doing when it comes to addressing demands for greener vehicles. With photo galleries, detailed reviews, breaking stories, and events listings, anyone enthused about cars and eco-friendliness will certainly find something to love, appreciate, and explore here.

  11. Triple Pundit:

    “People, planet, profit” mark this read’s core values, with business news stories covering the great and not-so-great motions toward protecting the environment without losing business. Discussions about public policy also factor into the content, and readers are encouraged to sign up and post their own opinions about the latest attention-grabbers.

  12. Gtrends Unleashed:

    Design and business aficionados alike with a penchant for all things green and beautifying-the-planet could easily lose hours at Gtrends Unleashed, which celebrates the best of the best motions toward sustainability. No matter one’s industry interests, chances are their blog has at least once given its role in protecting the environment a glimpse or two; keep it bookmarked for news, too!

  13. Business at Treehugger:

    Treehugger exists as one of the best general environmentalist blogs out there, and its dedicated business section updates frequently with general stories pertaining to the subject. Since the site is so thorough, however, visitors must absolutely check out other news stories and trends from different green initiatives, especially since they do inextricably tie into commerce.

  14. Ecopreneurist:

    Future and current entrepreneurial types hoping to launch their own startups conforming to eco-friendly standards must consider this blog a required bookmark. Its content outlines pretty much everything they need to know about succeeding in green business and analyzes current green business trends big and small.

  15. earth2tech:

    GigaOM presents a fabulous resource for cleantech enthusiasts of all types, be they pros, consumers, or business owners hoping to incorporate green electronics into their models. earth2tech also serves as a fantastic place to check up on the latest sustainable business news revolving around the various technology sectors.

  16. Business at sustainablog:

    Like Treehugger, sustainablog is one of the Internet’s best stops for absolutely everything related to today’s green movement, with sections of the site partitioned off and focusing on a specific area of inquiry. The site stays on top of the latest green business trends and topics through news, reviews, information about upcoming events, and plenty more.

  17. The Inspired Economist:

    Hit up this site for information about green businesses the writers here just love, with special attention paid to the economics behind it all, as well as current events and trends shaping them. Information regarding public policy unsurprisingly factors into the discussion as well, offering up a nice, broad picture of intersections between the corporate world and the natural one.

  18. GreenMonk: The blog:

    Open source GreenMonk exists as RedMonk’s eco-conscious offshoot, packed with (mostly) free content regarding sustainability in business. Most of the site and the resources themselves cater to audiences interested in energy and related fields, with professionals wanting to learn how to meet consumer demands for clean power.

  19. The Smarter Business Blog, by Toby Webb:

    Corporate social responsibility and sustainability expert Toby Webb – an entrepreneur and advisor to the UK’s Prime Minister – offers up his own expert opinions on the latest news regarding green and/or ethical business practices. No matter one’s place on the hierarchy, his advice about establishing healthy and/or eco-friendly work environments hold relevance.

  20. Sustainability: business, life, environment:

    Julie Urlaub with the Taiga Company shares advice about eking out a sustainable business in both the professional and the personal portions of life, covering a broad spectrum of interesting topics. Holding this dual goal means readers receive a thorough, expert look at how to make everything as green as possible, even abstract concepts like leadership, apparently.

  21. Biz & Technology at Grist:

    One of the Internet’s oldest, most beloved repositories for all the green news also happens to write extensively about how the movement relates to technology, business, and the technology business. After finishing up stories about the most recent trends and topics, move on to the rest of the site for a more in-depth look at eco-friendliness in other fields.

  22. Sustainable Business Forum:

    Both a group blog and a webcast, the Sustainable Business Forum stands as a great place to learn about all the different perspectives regarding the eponymous subject these days. Anyone looking for a few good green living tips won’t feel left out, either, though for the most part everyone tends to focus on business practices.

  23. Joel Makower:

    The titular blogger and sustainability expert rocks a business read all about starting or switching companies big and small over to environmentally-conscious practices. Whether an owner, executive, or savvy consumer, his critically-lauded insight undoubtedly provides plenty of inspiration for anyone hoping to do right by the planet and, of course, its inhabitants.

  24. Marc Gunther:

    More than most of the other sustainable business blogs listed here, Marc Gunther’s online presence underscores the science behind climate change and other manmade (and some natural) issues impacting the environment. Of course, it packs a punch when it comes to commenting and educating readers about the latest news and insight regarding the push towards ethical, green companies.

  25. Green Car Congress:

    Demand for eco-friendly vehicles keeps rising, and manufacturers scramble to meet what consumers want when it comes to fuel efficiency, safety, and affordability. Subscribe to Green Car Congress to catch up on the most current happenings and opinions from across the industry, with articles appealing to manufacturers, sellers, and buyers alike.