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Search for online MBA programs by state, concentration, or school name. Still researching? Try searching for information regarding the application process, career information, and demographics.


Chapter 1 – The Basics of the MBA Degree

  1. What Is an MBA?
  2. Why an Online MBA?

Chapter 2 – Choosing an MBA Program

  1. How to Choose a Quality MBA Program
  2. Other Factors to Consider When Choosing an Online MBA Program

Chapter 3 – All About Accreditation

  1. The History of Accreditation
  2. What Is Accreditation?
  3. What Accreditation Agencies Are There?
  4. What Is the AACSB?
  5. What Is AACSB Accreditation?
  6. What Are the Benefits of Going to an AACSB-Accredited School?
  7. What Online MBA Schools Are Accredited?

Chapter 4 – Getting Into an MBA Program

  1. Is an MBA Right for Someone Without a Business Degree?
  2. Getting Into a Program With a GMAT
  3. Getting Into a Program Without a GMAT
  4. Online MBA Admissions

Chapter 5 – Inside the MBA Program

  1. What to Expect in Your Online MBA Program
  2. Studying at Your Own Pace
  3. An Accelerated MBA Program
  4. Your Online MBA Courses

Chapter 6 – Paying for Your MBA

  1. The Cost of Your MBA
  2. Financing Your Education
  3. School-by-School Cost of Online MBA Programs

Chapter 7 – Life After Graduation

  1. Working as an MBA Degree Holder
  2. Advice for Job Seekers: How to Write a Resume
  3. Advice for Job Seekers: How to Interview Well
  4. Advice for Job Seekers: How to Look for a Job
  5. Careers to Fit Your MBA

Chapter 8 – Additional Resources

  1. How to Launch a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign
  2. The Best MS Office Tutorials
  3. An MBA Student’s Guide to Entrepreneurship
  4. Understanding the GMAT
  5. Using Your MBA at a Nonprofit
  6. Your Rights as an Intern