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Students in an online Human Resources MBA program will hone their leadership and organizational skills in order to hold positions where they must manage a team and handle difficult personnel decisions. They will be prepared for situations and issues that arise in the workplace. As certain industries continue to grow and expand their businesses, educated and skilled individuals will be needed to take leadership positions, and a professional holding an online human resources mba will have excellent job opportunities.

What Does an MBA in Human Resources Cover?

These online degrees are earned through mastering the study of business with a concentration in human resources. Online Human Resources MBA degrees give students a variety of skills they will need working in leadership and management level positions in human resources. Some of these tasks may include: recruiting and hiring employees; handling position alignment within the organization; overseeing compensation and budgeting; and creating practical and efficient strategic policies and plans for the organization. These MBA degree programs also teach students about the crucial role human resources plays within every company or organization and how to work with other employees to boost staff morale. Graduates will have the confidence to identify, assess and address workplace situations in a timely and effective manner. Such degree holders will also study human resources subsystems, focusing on things like: legal issues in the workplace, employee insurance and benefits, and ethical dimensions of business organizations. Business courses in an online Human Resources MBA program may include: Accounting and Finance, Leadership and Organizational Behavior, Marketing, Laws and Ethics in Business, and Managerial Applications. Human resources specific courses may include: Human Resource Management, Human Resource Planning, Employment Law, Training and Development, and Compensation.

Getting Into a Human Resources MBA Program

People who want to enroll in an online Human Resources MBA program will need a bachelor’s degree from an accredited school. This undergraduate degree could have been earned in any field, but applicants should have a strong understanding of algebra-level mathematics. Those who did not earn a degree in a business field may need to complete courses in algebra and calculus to increase their chances of gaining admittance into a Human Resources MBA program. Most schools will require students to show evidence of a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.0, though some schools, such as the University of Phoenix, have higher standards. In addition to these prerequisites, students should be prepared to submit the following documents along with their completed application:

  • College transcripts
  • Proof of GMAT scores
  • Resume detailing work experience
  • Essays following provided prompt
  • Letter of program intent

Some programs, such as the University of Phoenix’s Human Resources MBA program, will require that applicants be employed so that they may immediately apply their newly acquired skills to the workplace.

Why Should I Get an AACSB Accredited Human Resources MBA?

Make sure the business school you select is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. The AACSB is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to advancing quality management education and serves as an accreditor for undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs in business and accounting. With accreditation from the AACSB, you will know that you have chosen a reputable MBA program that will challenge you and you will earn a degree that is respected in the job market. Some employers will not hire candidates who have earned degrees from universities that are not accredited.

What Jobs Can an Online MBA in Human Resources Get Me?

  • Human Resources Managers: Human resources managers work to enhance morale and productivity among staffers, help businesses and organizations increase their performance and results, and ensure that employees are satisfied with their jobs and working conditions. They are also responsible for recruiting and hiring, training, supervision, compensation and benefits. Dealing with people and ensuring employees are productive is a large part of and HR job, so human resources managers especially need to be able to work well with others. The employment outlook for human resources managers appears to be good, as positions are expected to grow by 22 percent, a rate that is much faster than for the average occupation, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Bureau also reported that the median annual income of human resources managers was $96,130 in 2008.
  • Training and Development Managers: These professionals are also human resources managers that specialize in creating, procuring and conducting training and development programs for employees. They oversee the contracts and budgets associated with training programs as well as ensure that employees find the materials and content beneficial. According to the Bureau, employment of training and development managers is expected to grow by 12 percent over the next several years and the median annual salary of training and development managers was $87,700 in 2008.
  • Employee Benefits Manager: These managers supervise employee benefits programs including retirement, health insurance and pension plans; child care services; education reimbursement; and disability and life insurance. They manage employee paperwork and forms, distribute information to employees about benefits, aid workers in plan enrollment, and compare different types of plans to identify the most suitable ones for their organization.

Top Earning Positions in Human Resource Management

Human Resources Manager:

  • Financial Services: $54,461-$84,419
  • Information Technology Services: $53,049-$77,937

Training and Development Manager:

  • Health Care: $55,515-$85,159
  • Software Development: $51,614-$80,624

Employee Benefits Manager:

  • Retail: $54,795-$87,211
  • Insurance and Financial Services: $55,282-$85,716

How Do I Find Online Human Resources MBA Programs?

Many students are concerned with getting into the best business schools, so rankings can be important — even for online MBA degrees. To find such information, check out school sites, news sources and books. The Princeton Review has a useful online tool that measures the top business schools in different categories.

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