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An online MBA in organizational leadership combines the core curriculum of a traditional MBA with specialized courses on leadership, team management, and organizational change. The study of organizational leadership prepares students to lead and manage a staff of employees in an ever-changing, sometimes chaotic economy. MBA students who choose to specialize in organizational leadership will learn, among other things, how to manage a diverse staff, negotiate conflict resolution, and create employee incentives and professional development opportunities.

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What Does an MBA in Organizational Leadership Cover?

Broadly speaking, a traditional MBA emphasizes one’s role as an individual or executive in the world of business, while an MBA in organizational leadership focuses on the value of a business or organization’s employees. An organizational leadership program, such as the one offered by Ashford University, begins with core MBA courses, including classes in organizational behavior, business research methods and tools, and managerial accounting, before moving on to specialized courses in organizational leadership and change. Students study how organizations work, how to best manage a staff of employees, and the impact of employee morale and human behavior on a company’s productivity.

Students can complete an accelerated online programs in two years. Students enrolled in Ashford University’s online MBA program can take and complete one course every six weeks.

Getting Into an Organizational Leadership MBA Program

To enroll, you must have at least bachelor’s degree from a regionally or nationally accredited institution of higher learning. Generally, a 3.0 GPA is also required, but this number can vary from school to school. Ashford University requires the following from those enrolling in their online MBA program:

  • A bachelor’s degree or post-graduate degree from a regionally or nationally accredited institution of higher learning.
  • A minimum GPA of 2.0.
  • The ability to access program materials and correspond with staff and faculty on the Internet and use appropriate antivirus utilities.

To be awarded an MBA by Ashford University, students must complete 42 credits with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Why Should I Get an Accredited Organizational Leadership MBA?

The vast majority of potential employers will not recognize an MBA degree from a non-accredited program or institution, and credits from a non-accredited program and school may not transfer. Completing a degree at an accredited institution will help assure the quality of your education and improve your chances of finding employment at the leadership level.

Who Should Pursue an Organizational Leadership MBA?

An online MBA in organizational leadership can help make you more marketable to employers in a number of industries and fields, including human resources, training and development, and administrative services. Once hired, you may find yourself leading and managing a staff of six or sixty or higher. Your role as a leader will involve direct, day-to-day interaction with employees, interaction that can include negotiating and resolving conflicts, training and teaching, communicating with supervisors and subordinates, and co-planning and prioritizing necessary work tasks. Students will learn to develop all of these skills. Candidates for an organizational leadership program should also have an interest in human and social behavior, interpersonal and professional communications.

What Jobs Can an Online Organizational Leadership MBA Get Me?

  • Human Resources Manager: Human resources managers advise and coach other managers on human resources policies, including daily operations, employee relations, and budget development. They are responsible for ensuring that company policies and procedures are consistent, support the business or organization’s goals, and comply with state and federal regulations and laws. Human resources managers may also manage employee recruitment, compensation, and benefits.
  • Training and Development Manager: More and more businesses are recognizing the value of staff development as a way to stay competitive in a growing and sometimes volatile marketplace. A business or organization’s training and development manager oversees all aspects of staff training and development. Training and development managers assess the need for employee training, create and manage a training and development budget, and develop programs that are current and support the business or organization’s strategic goals. They also create, review, and purchase from vendors updated training manuals, online learning materials, and other educational media for employee training.
  • Administrative Services Manager: The administrative services manager plans and coordinates all of the supportive services of a business or organization. Supportive services can include maintaining records, distributing mail, and maintaining facilities. Small businesses or organizations may have just one administrative services manager, sometimes referred to as a business office manager, while larger organizations employ several managers to specialize in different areas. Along with many other tasks, administrative services managers may monitor the security of a company, oversee necessary repairs and maintenance to office equipment and electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems, and ensure a facility is meeting state and federal environmental, health, and security standards.

Top Earning Industries for Jobs

Human Resources Manager:

  • Government Contractor: $39,690-$88,621
  • Manufacturing: $41,092-$86,100
  • Health Care: $38,911-$81,947

Training and Development Manager:

  • Consumer Packaged Products and Goods: $44,872-$110,950
  • Software Development: $51,176-$113,158
  • Financial Services: $59,997-$111,271

Administrative Services Manager:

  • Consumer Packaged Products and Goods: $38,783-$89,381
  • Health Care: $33,451-$80,857
  • College or University: $36,492-$92,320

How Do I Find Online Organizational Leadership MBA Programs?

Using Google’s search engine to query and locate online organizational leadership MBA programs is a good first step in finding a program that is right for you. Take additional time to visit the individual websites of colleges and universities to see if they offer online specialty MBAs. U.S. News and World Report provides annual rankings of online programs, including MBAs. Be sure each program and school you discover is either regionally or nationally accredited. That information is almost always easily found using a college or university’s website search engine.

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