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These marketing MBA programs integrate the processes and procedures essential to business with the study of the dynamic field of marketing. An online MBA in marketing emphasizes the practices on which all businesses operate such as administration, finance, accounting and management. They also explore how marketing affects business plans, customer base and selling strategies.

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What Does an Online MBA in Marketing Cover?


Given that marketing plays a vital role in business success, it is a popular specialization within MBA programs.

These programs will give you a thorough understanding of how to create effective marketing and business plans. They involve much of the same curriculum as a traditional MBA program, but with an emphasis on marketing studies, often including online marketing techniques. Through various assignments, projects, reports and presentations you will learn how to conduct marketing research, devise strategies and implement plans.

These online marketing programs typically require students to complete 48 to 51 credits, which usually takes one to three years to finish depending on previous education, business course work and enrollment status. The first half of the online marketing MBA will consist of core courses focused on business operations, policy and strategy; business ethics and law; customer relationship management; accounting and finance; business communication; and business and managerial economics. These classes are meant to help you understand how businesses operate and specific functions within a corporate environment.

The second half of the program integrates advanced courses that center on the role of marketing and how it is utilized to support and generate profitability. Classes may include integrative marketing strategies, brand management, business-to-business marketing, consumer and buyer behavior, marketing channels and logistics, marketing promotion and communication, market research, customer data analysis and relationship marketing.

Getting Into a Marketing MBA Program

Those who are interested in pursuing an online MBA in marketing need an undergraduate degree from an accredited school. Students who did not major in business will need basic business and mathematical skills, as well as having taken at least two marketing courses before applying. Those who did not earn a bachelor’s degree in business may be asked to complete several courses before submitting an application, including:

  • College Algebra
  • Foundations of Business
  • Marketing Principles

A minimum undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 is typically necessary for entry into online MBA in marketing programs. Some schools, such as Northeastern University, also require letters of recommendation, application essays, GMAT scores and resumes.

Who Should Pursue an Online Marketing MBA?

If you are interested in the field of business and have a desire to take a hands-on role in generating customers who will support ventures, you should look into earning an online marketing MBA. This degree will provide you with the necessary credentials to work your way up in the marketing department as well as help you develop the skills essential to building a successful career in this field, creating offline and online marketing campaigns.

Why Should I Get an AACSB Accredited Marketing MBA?

Only those online marketing MBA programs that are accredited by a respected association are likely to impress employers. One of the most well known is the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, which approves only those business schools that provide a quality education.

What Jobs Can an MBA Marketing Online Get Me?

  • International Marketing Manager: International marketing managers work to promote a company’s products and services in a global marketplace, often also in online marketing. They are responsible for estimating consumer demand for current products and services and identifying the need for new ones. To do this they must be able to identify potential foreign markets, monitor international trends and develop marketing strategies. These types of managers also help develop pricing strategies to increase profits and market share. Their job requires that they be able to work closely with other managers in sales, advertising, promotions and product development. Employment of marketing managers will increase 12 percent by 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. Salaries of international marketing managers range from $63,004 to $119,739 a year, according to PayScale.
  • Marketing Specialists: Marketing specialists assist in the development and design of marketing programs to promote products and services. Typical duties include creating sales presentations, designing communication materials, coordinating project activities, and compiling reports on market trends, pricing, competitors and new products. Marketing specialists often work closely with marketing managers and directors as well as others within the sales, development and promotions departments. The employment of these types of specialists is projected to increase 24 percent by 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The annual average salaries of marketing specialists range from $31,503 to $61,453, PayScale reports.
  • Marketing Consultants: Marketing consultants develop and implement plans to help companies enhance their business and increase their profitability. To provide their consulting services, they meet with an organization’s advertising and promotions departments to identify specific goals, objectives and needs related to products and services. They then combine this information with their marketing expertise to create strategies that will expand consumer bases, enhance product development and motivate customers to buy. Typical duties may include evaluating current procedures, researching consumer behavior, identifying market trends, creating strategic plans and managing marketing procedures. Employment within the consulting services field is projected to increase by 84 percent by 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Annual salaries of marketing consultants range from $29,300 to $102,444, Payscale reports.

Top Earning Industries for Jobs

International Marketing Manager:

  • Financial Services: $51,688-$82,477
  • Information Technology Services: $48,830-$79,621

Marketing Specialist:

  • Legal Services: $38,978-$65,622
  • Information Technology Services: $39,824-$56,284

Marketing Consultant:

  • Consultancy: $55,000-$87,898
  • Insurance and Financial Services: $51,035-$83,337

How Do I Find Online Marketing MBA Programs?

Rankings are a good indicator of a program’s quality and can help you identify which online Marketing MBA schools fit your needs. Rankings can be found in:

  • Businessweek

These publications rank the top rated colleges and universities as well as the programs that they offer. Online marketing MBA rankings are usually based on factors such as academic quality, student selectivity, student-to-faculty ratio, graduation rate and post-graduation outcome.

These search tools can also be helpful:

Additional Resources: