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| Staff Updated on June 7, 2022

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Using this ranking, prospective students can evaluate top online MBA programs and find the one that best matches their career goals. This page also provides details on what an MBA in internet marketing entails, including skills, career possibilities, curriculum, and scholarship information.

What Is an MBA in Internet Marketing?

With an MBA in internet marketing, students can prepare for managerial roles in digital marketing, social media, mobile marketing, ecommerce, analytics, and digital strategy. According to the BLS, states employing the highest numbers of marketing managers include California, Illinois, New York, and Massachusetts.

As the importance of digital marketing grows, employers increasingly seek applicants with skills they can acquire through a top online MBA in internet marketing. Students can expect to gain knowledge of terminology and strategies related to broad marketing and digital marketing alike. Coursework also covers social media analysis and engagement, mobile marketing, and general business basics such as accounting and finance.

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Why Should You Get an Online MBA in Internet Marketing?

When completing a top MBA in internet marketing online, students can benefit from the flexibility that distance learning affords. Those working full time can keep earning a salary while they study and potentially gain important experience in the field. Distance learning also allows students to balance personal obligations with their career goals.

With an MBA in digital marketing, students learn business administration basics and gain in-depth marketing expertise that can boost their resume to the top of the pile. A strong understanding of digital marketing can help graduates to qualify for a range of positions across industries. The BLS reports that the top-paying industries for marketing managers include scientific research and development services, cable and other subscription programming, and motion picture and video industries.

According to PayScale, graduates with an MBA in digital marketing earn an average salary of $80,000. Entry-level jobs in digital marketing may begin at an average salary of $44,000 for less than a year of experience. Senior business analysts earn an average salary of $85,000.

What Can You Do With an MBA in Internet Marketing?

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing managers manage the online face of their organization's branding, creating campaigns that drive interest, boost sales, and raise consumer loyalty in their goods and services. They oversee and implement online-based advertising strategies. Necessary skills include search engine optimization (SEO), strategic marketing, strong communication skills to lead their teams, and technical know-how.

PayScale reports that digital marketing managers earn an average annual salary of $66,000, with popular employers including, Accenture, and IBM.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers oversee the handling of social media feeds across sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They develop and implement ongoing strategies for social media, interact with customers through the sites, provide direction to other social media employees, and analyze performance for the best results. They may collaborate with other marketing managers on larger campaigns.

According to PayScale, social media managers earn an average annual salary of $50,000, with crucial skills including strategic planning, marketing communications, and social media optimization.

Internet Marketing Specialist

Internet marketing specialists generate online content, work to secure high search rankings, and increase traffic to their organizations' websites. They study a campaign's target demographic and work to develop content that appeals to that group. Internet marketing specialists analyze and test keywords, monitor analytics, and assist with email campaigns.

Crucial skills include project management, Google analytics, and web marketing. Internet marketing specialists earn an annual average salary of $43,000, according to PayScale.

Marketing Analyst

Marketing analysts sift through a company's goals and marketing data to help boost the organization's advertising efforts. Considering factors such as target demographics, market data, and research studies, they compile reports to help an organization understand information about their customers. They also propose marketing strategies based on this information.

Top skills for marketing analysts include SQL, business analysis, data analysis, strategic marketing, and market analysis. PayScale reports that marketing analysts earn an average annual salary of $55,000.

Marketing Director

Marketing directors supervise all of their company's marketing-related projects and staff. They work with other executives to understand the company's marketing goals, then develop campaigns and assign tasks. Responsible for managing budgets, they determine the proper tools for each campaign and analyze results for later improvement.

Crucial skills for marketing directors include product marketing, strategic marketing, branding, online marketing, and marketing communications. According to PayScale, marketing directors earn an average annual salary of $68,000.

Online MBA in Internet Marketing Curriculum

Pursuing a top online MBA in internet marketing entails coursework that teaches both business administration and internet marketing. Because exact courses vary by program, students should research each school to determine which curriculum is right for them.

Social and Mobile Media

This course emphasizes core social media and mobile strategies that students can adapt for marketing purposes as technology shifts. Topics include geotagging, hyperlocal marketing, and mobile marketing techniques.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Focusing on how to use social media and digital media to meet company goals, digital marketing strategy explores mobile apps, branding and customer engagement, search engines, social media, and return on digital investment.

Global Marketing

This course teaches students how to assess global trends and challenges, tweak marketing approaches to appeal to international interests, and understand the global marketplace as a whole.

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How to Choose the Right Online MBA in Internet Marketing Program

Students should research programs that best align with their career goals. Factors to consider include full- versus part-time degree options, affordability, school location, accreditation, extracurricular graduation requirements, and program partnerships with local businesses.

Selecting the right program requires some research, and students should consider different options. For example, a Master of Science in internet marketing directs more focus to advertising techniques and strategies, while an MBA provides students with a wider range of business management skills.

Program structure should also factor into the decision-making process. Students desiring flexibility should seek out programs with full- and part-time options, while those looking to complete the program quickly might select accelerated courses. Program timelines can affect affordability, as does location; some schools allow distance students to pay in-state tuition even if they live elsewhere, while others do not.

Graduation requirements that extend beyond coursework, such as internships and thesis papers, can provide important experience for students starting out in the field. Likewise, programs with strong local business partnerships can help students make necessary connections. Those who already work as professionals in the field, however, might prioritize other factors.

Finally, prospective students should check each school's accreditation status before applying. Regional and national accreditation apply to the school as a whole. Programmatic accreditation for MBA programs comes from organizations such as the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

Scholarships for Internet Marketing MBA Programs

High-quality online MBA programs can prove costly, but you can offset tuition expenses by applying to scholarships based on academic merit, financial need, area of study, or other identity categories. Granted by professional and governmental organizations, private funders, companies, and schools, scholarships come in varying amounts. See below for examples of scholarships available to students pursuing international business MBAs.

WPromote Digital Marketing Scholarship

Who Can Apply: WPromote awards scholarships to students enrolled full time in an accredited program with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Candidates must submit a marketing proposal designed to increase enrollment by focusing on an aspect of their school, such as a department or organization.

Amount: $500-750

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AIS Technolabs Scholarship Program for Marketing

Who Can Apply: AIS Technolabs awards scholarships to full-time students with U.S., Australian, or Canadian citizenship enrolled in an accredited program for marketing or journalism. Applicants must hold a minimum 3.0 GPA and submit a video advertisement or a 1,000- to 2,000-word article.

Amount: $1,000

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The SEO and Content Marketing Scholarship

Who Can Apply: Students interested in sales and marketing may apply for this scholarship, with preference given to those in marketing, computer science, communications, IT, and business. Application requirements include an essay on content marketing.

Amount: $1,000

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Whan Memorial Scholarship

Who Can Apply: Designed for members of Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE), the Whan Memorial Scholarship supports sales and marketing students through a selection process that prioritizes PSE activities, career objectives, and GPA.

Amount: $1,500

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The Lee Epstein Fund Scholarship

Who Can Apply: The Lee Epstein Fund awards scholarships to students in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut who have participated in a Marketing EDGE program, maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA, and hold enrollment in a marketing-related program.

Amount: $1,000-7,000

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Professional Organizations for Internet Marketing

By joining and participating in professional organizations, internet marketing MBA students and graduates can network with colleagues in the field, pursue continuing education, and take advantage of resources such as online job boards and mentorship programs. The list below offers details on a few professional organizations dedicated to general and digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Association

Designed to support digital marketing professionals through education and industry standards, this association provides members with training opportunities, career resources, a community directory, and regular events.

Internet Marketing Association

IMA serves its membership of marketers, business owners, and creative developers by prioritizing relationships. Membership benefits include yearly conferences, industry news, a content library, and a membership directory.

Association of National Advertisers

Recently merged with the Data Marketing and Analytics Association, ANA focuses on advancements in the field of marketing. The association offers online courses, collects consumer complaints, holds regular events, and upholds ethical standards in the field.

American Marketing Association

Known for promoting dedication to marketing excellence, AMA offers certification in digital marketing. Other member services include an annual conference, access to local chapters, and news updates.

Interactive Advertising Bureau

Serving a membership consisting of media and marketing firms, IAB provides compliance guidelines, training and certification opportunities, an online knowledge center, and regular events.

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Top Online MBA Programs in Internet Marketing

  1. Benedictine University

    Lisle, IL



    Based in Lisle, Illinois, the Catholic-affiliated Benedictine University offers an MBA in marketing management that focuses on internet marketing and strategies for the digital space. The program ranks as the top online MBA for internet marking.

    The degree consists of 64 credits of coursework. Distance learners can enroll in one class at a time and graduate in just under two years, or they can enroll in the accelerated track. This option allows students to finish the degree in one year.

    Foundational courses cover topics like economics, financial accounting, and strategic management. Master's candidates pursuing the marketing management concentration also take specialization courses in marketing communication, consumer behavior, and marketing strategies in the digital age. Distance learners can expect to dedicate 10-12 hours each week to coursework.

    Applicants must possess an undergraduate degree with a minimum 2.75 GPA. Benedictine does not require applicants to submit GMAT scores.

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