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Who We Are

We are a comprehensive hub that offers guidance for online MBA programs, using a curated network of professionals and industry experts to accelerate economic mobility for all students. Our network of online MBA researchers and writers works to gather and produce a broad, thorough array of high-quality resources. We aim to serve students, recent graduates, job-seekers, and working professionals interested in online MBA programs and careers.

Our diverse, comprehensive collection of school rankings, degree guides, and career resources helps users understand the potential benefits of earning an online MBA. We also provide guidance for comparing, evaluating, and choosing the right online MBA program and career path. Analyzing current data from the nation’s top educational and economic research agencies, we point prospective students toward online MBA programs and related careers offering high return-on-investment.

OnlineMBA clearly outlines the requirements and steps for applying to, enrolling in, financing, and completing online MBA programs. Our career guides help prospective, current, and prior online MBA students choose, qualify for, and obtain their dream careers. Through current data and informed guidance, we aspire to bring continuing education and career advancement within learners’ reach.

What We Do

OnlineMBA helps aspiring business professionals and leaders identify MBA career paths and programs leading to potential salary advancement, promotion, entrepreneurial ventures, or career transition. We provide guides, rankings, and overviews to help former, current, and prospective students and working professionals understand and choose between the many available MBA career and program options. We also discuss the potential uses, benefits, common curricula and requirements, and admissions processes for online MBA degrees.

We provide guidance for every stage of the online MBA process, including how students can choose an MBA concentration aligned with their career aspirations. Our top online MBA career guides introduce specific MBA concentration areas, such as real estate, entrepreneurship, and human resources management. Our MBA career guides discuss specific MBA degree values, including career outlook data, common curricula, potential job titles and salaries, and helpful professional organizations.

By describing the responsibilities, daily tasks, and skills required for specific careers, our guides assist prospective students in choosing careers suiting their abilities and preferences.

OnlineMBA also offers program rankings allowing former, current, and prospective students and working professionals to efficiently survey and compare the curricula, pacing, attendance format, and pricing for online MBA programs. We provide rankings of the best, most affordable, and top accelerated online MBA programs. Our accreditation guide explains how to identify high-quality MBA programs, and rankings pages typically highlight schools that meet rigorous regional accreditation standards.

We also help students with financial planning by providing a FAFSA guide, a personal budget guide, and a financial aid guide for military veterans.

Our career resources, including guides for online MBA students and graduates seeking professional experience, help learners land their dream jobs. Our internship and practicum guide helps current online MBA students forge academic paths to prepare for professional success. Our resume and professional networking guides serve current online MBA students and graduates job-hunting or seeking career advancement.

How We Work

To provide accurate, student-centered online MBA program and career information, we collaborate with diverse sources including current online MBA students, recent graduates, educational institutions, professionals, and industry experts.

As we rank schools and programs, we assess institutional performance based on institution-gathered online MBA student feedback and outcomes data. We may interview and feature current students or graduates on our site. When creating our rankings and guides, we also consult with working professionals, industry experts, and government agencies.

The student outcomes data we consider may include retention, graduation, and employment rates. Average financial aid percentages, student loan payments, and salaries after graduation may also factor into assessments of online MBA programs’ return-on-investment.

We rely on current technologies, such as machine learning, to provide current, accurate, and data-driven career and program guidance for aspiring online MBA students. Economic and education data-gathering resources, such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), U.S. Department of Education (ED), and National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) help us stay abreast of rapidly changing shifts in education, industry, and the economy.

As part of the U.S. Department of Labor, the BLS represents the federal government’s primary labor economics data- and statistics-gathering agency. The BLS’s occupational outlook handbook provides career pages describing job duties, work environments, salary, and job outlook data for specific careers. These pages also include career preparation information, state and area employment data, and descriptions of similar occupations.

The ED, another federal agency, generates, administers, and implements federal policy on educational assistance. As OnlineMBA produces financial aid guidance, we consult the ED for information on student loans and grants. The ED’s college scorecard provides data regarding attendance cost and student loan debt and repayment for specific schools. The ED also provides data and statistics on school accreditation standards, transparency, and safety.

The NCES, part of the ED’s Institute of Education Sciences, gathers and analyzes a vast amount of national and international education data. The searchable NCES college navigator offers quick access to school data, including programs and majors, costs and financial aid, and various outcomes and performance measures.

Why We Focus on Online Education

We focus on MBAs, devoting our resources to broad, deep, data-driven analysis of the many aspects of online MBA programs. We strongly believe in the value of MBA degrees, because they boast such high return-on-investment for students. MBA degrees, which boast versatile applicability and specialization options, help recent college graduates, newer professionals, and experienced executives obtain promotions, qualify for salary increases, and prepare for career transitions or ventures.

According to PayScale, MBA-holders make an average of $20,000 more annually than bachelor’s degree-holders in the same field do. Consequently, MBA degrees prove great investments, paying for themselves within a few years. We also believe in the demonstrated quality of online MBA degrees, which boast similar academic rigor and student success outcomes to their on-campus equivalents.

Above all else, we focus on online MBAs, because the flexibility of distance learning makes educational advancement and economic mobility accessible to more students. Online students can compare curricula, requirements, timelines, and prices to identify the best program fit, without accounting for location and commute. Online degree programs make continuing education and career advancement available to students with mobility or transportation issues, caretaking obligations, and daytime jobs.


Meet Our Contributors

Portrait of Tessa Cooper

Tessa Cooper

Tessa Cooper is a freelance writer who regularly contributes to regional publications focused on living in the Midwest. She earned a bachelor’s in public relations from Missouri State University and worked as the editor of an award-winning local home magazine. Tessa loves writing about travel and food topics and is always planning her next meal or vacation.

Portrait of Allison Mandel

Allison Mandel

Allison Mandel is a professional writer, editor, and researcher. She holds a master’s degree in elementary education from Brandeis University and a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the State University of New York at Albany. From storytelling tips to news reports, Allison’s writing can be found in both digital and print contexts and includes K-6 ELA and mathematics curricula, long-form and short-form articles, blog posts, creative nonfiction, and college profiles.

Portrait of Reese Lopez

Reese Lopez

As a former teacher and tutor, Reese Lopez draws on over a decade of experience in the education field to inform his writing. After earning his BA in English from Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, he instructed English language learners and tutored students at the high school and college level before joining OnlineMBA.com. Reese lives in Portland, Oregon, where he also writes fiction and is active in the city’s local music scene.

Portrait of Kathleen Swed

Kathleen Swed

Kathleen Swed is a full-time writer living in New York’s Capital Region. She holds an MFA with a concentration in fiction from Pacific University as well as degrees in music from the University of Maine and Ithaca College. She is the author of several science fiction series, which she writes under the name of Kate Sheeran Swed.

Melissa Sartore

Melissa Sartore holds a Ph.D. in history from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her BA and MA in history are from Western Illinois University. A medievalist by training, she has published on outlawry in medieval England with additional publications on outlaws in popular culture and across geographic and historical boundaries. She also writes for several online outlets, notably Ranker.com, and provides her own sarcastic take on historical events at History According to Snark.

Portrait of Holland Webb

Holland Webb

Holland’s goal as a writer is to put storytelling elements to work for businesses with great ideas. In addition to writing content for OnlineMBA.com and serving as a featured writer on Compose.ly, he has written web content for a major hotel chain with locations in North and South America, Asia, and Europe. Holland’s other clients have included Sweet Fish Media, Indri Digital, and BioNetwork. He specializes in crafting content for education marketing, B2B technology companies, and nonprofits. He also cohosts a podcast called The Afterword, which looks at the intersection of macrotrends and storytelling.

Portrait of Doug Wintemute

Doug Wintemute

Doug Wintemute is a Toronto-based freelance writer with professional writing interests in higher learning and entertainment. He completed his BA and MA in English at York University, graduating summa cum laude and earning academic merit, research, and writing awards at both levels. Since 2014, he has contributed content and editorial work for award-winning digital trade publications, global SEO copywriting projects, and hugely popular online brands. Contact him on LinkedIn.

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