Top Online MBA Programs in Organizational Leadership

| Staff Modified on June 7, 2022

Top Online MBA Programs in Organizational Leadership

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Earning an MBA in organizational leadership enables students to boost their career potential with strong leadership skills and an expanded network of business-minded peers. With a projected job growth rate of 8%, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects the field of organizational leadership to expand steadily over the next several years.

Self-motivated students often enjoy the flexibility of distance learning. Online MBA students can take classes in an asynchronous self-paced format or in real time with synchronous web conferences and discussion boards. Read on to learn more about online MBA degrees in organizational leadership and why you might want to pursue this degree.

What Is an MBA in Organizational Leadership?

Online MBA in organizational leadership programs explore the ever-changing global business landscape. Students examine topics such as organizational effectiveness, cross-functional collaboration, corporate social responsibility, organizational behavior, and project management. The top online MBA programs offer opportunities for learners to fine-tune their leadership and decision-making skills.

MBA in organizational leadership programs prepare students for high-level positions in operations management, training and development, and project management. Graduates often pursue professional roles in sales, marketing, consulting, human resources, and training. These jobs often have promising employment prospects. For instance, over the next few years, the BLS projects an increase of more than 4,500 jobs in training and development management.

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Why Should You Get an Online MBA in Organizational Leadership?

With competencies in varied areas such as corporate training and human resources, professionals with an MBA in organizational leadership hold transferable skills applicable to management roles in almost any industry. These positions enjoy high earning potential. PayScale reports the average yearly salary for organizational development managers is $88,000, and the BLS reports median annual earnings for training and development managers is $115,640. An online MBA in organizational leadership can help graduates gain a competitive edge when searching for a job.

Working professionals often choose to pursue an advanced degree such as an MBA in organizational leadership through online coursework. With the flexibility to take classes at their own convenience, distance learners can balance their school workload with their personal and professional lives. Pursuing an online MBA also offers opportunities for online students to take courses through out-of-state schools.

What Can You Do With an MBA in Organizational Leadership?

Organizational Development Manager

Organizational development managers strive to improve the internal functions of a business. They work closely with top executives and upper management to examine current and potential policies with the goal of improving company performance. Some organizational development managers work full time for businesses, while others work on a contract for extended periods of time as consultants.

These managers typically hold many years of work experience and an advanced degree in organizational leadership or training and development. PayScale reports the average annual income for organizational development managers is $88,000.

Training and Development Manager

Training and development managers oversee employee training programs. They work with training and development specialists, instructional designers, and instructors to assess employee needs and develop and implement training programs. Managers' responsibilities include creating budgets, selecting training materials, and evaluating program efficacy.

These high-level professionals typically have many years of experience and strong communication and decision-making skills. According to the BLS, training and development managers earn a median annual salary of $115,640.

Performance Manager

Performance managers analyze workforce needs and expectations to ensure high levels of productivity. They work closely with human resources managers and operations managers to develop workers' skills and provide coaching. They analyze employee relationships, develop employee wellness programs, and make necessary procedural changes to improve business outcomes.

Performance managers need strong interpersonal and communication skills. PayScale reports the average yearly income for performance managers is $70,000.

Organizational Development Consultant

Organizational development consultants assess problems and develop solutions to improve organizational performance, efficiency, and general business outcomes. As consultants, they typically work independently. Some organizational development consultants work for one business at a time, while others work with multiple clients simultaneously.

Professionals in this role typically boast many years of experience working in the business landscape, as well as strong problem-solving skills. Operational development consultants earn an average annual salary of $88,000, according to PayScale.

Management Analyst

Management analysts work with top business executives to reduce company costs and increase revenues. They collect data, conduct research, identify problems, recommend modifications for existing systems, and develop new systems. Management analysts often hold specialized expertise in industries such as healthcare or technology. They also typically possess many years of experience in the business sector.

Management analysts need extremely strong critical thinking, organization, presentation, and problem-solving skills. Management analysts often work as independent consultants. The BLS reports the median yearly salary for management analysts is $87,760.

Online MBA in Organizational Leadership Curriculum

All online MBA in organizational leadership programs set their own unique coursework requirements. However, degrees of this nature typically include classes in project management, operational leadership, and corporate finance. Since curricula and class descriptions vary by school, prospective students should check with each program of interest for more information.

Leadership courses examine the skills and qualities of highly effective leaders across industries. Topics cover contemporary leadership, diversity and inclusion, law and ethics, and organizational strategy. Students discuss theories and real-world examples. Project management courses explore the stages of a project from beginning to end. Topics include scope, scheduling, budgets, procurement, risk analysis, and workforce development. Students hone their project management skills by developing their own budgets and schedules. Financial management courses teach students how to analyze financial data to make decisions that improve business outcomes. Topics include financial planning, asset evaluation, capital budgeting methods, breakeven analysis, and working capital management.

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How to Choose the Right Online MBA in Organizational Leadership Program

Business-savvy individuals who aim to move up the career ladder often pursue higher education. Aspiring leaders enjoy many graduate-level business education options, including master's in management studies programs, master's in organizational management programs, and Master of Business Administration in organizational leadership programs. With a master's degree in organizational leadership, graduates prepare to take on management and leadership positions in a variety of industries.

When researching business schools and programs, prospective students should consider several factors. For example, tuition rates and available financial aid options often rank high on the list of important considerations. Distance learners can pursue student loans, scholarships, and work-study programs. Students should also consider specific coursework offerings and extracurricular graduation requirements such as internships, externships, master's projects, and thesis papers.

Another key consideration is flexibility. For instance, students should investigate programs of interest to determine scheduling options such as full-time, part-time, accelerated, and self-paced. Are distance learners required to visit campus? If so, prospective students might want to think about a school's location and accessibility.

Finally, prospective students should always look into a school's accreditation status and never enroll in a school that's not accredited by a reputable accrediting agency.

Scholarships for Organizational Leadership MBA Programs

The cost of higher education presents a major consideration for prospective graduate students. Fortunately, students can apply for many scholarships, including those tailored toward distance learners seeking to earn an MBA in organizational leadership. Students typically apply for as many scholarships as possible. The list below outlines a few scholarship possibilities suitable for students pursuing an online MBA in organizational leadership.

Mary Elizabeth Lockwood Beneventi MBA Scholarship

Who Can Apply: The Daughters of the American Revolution awards the Mary Elizabeth Lockwood Beneventi MBA Scholarship to full-time graduate students. Applicants must attend an accredited college or university and major in business administration.

Amount: $2,000

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AfterCollege Scholarships

Who Can Apply: AfterCollege awards scholarships to graduate students pursuing a business degree. Applicants must hold a minimum GPA of 3.0 and a membership in AfterCollege.

Amount: Varies

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National Society of Hispanic MBAs Scholarship

Who Can Apply: The National Society of Hispanic MBAs scholarship program serves Hispanic students pursuing a master's degree in management or business. Applicants must hold membership in NSHMBA.

Amount: $2,500-$10,000

Apply for Scholarship

Jane M. Klausman (JMK) Women in Business Scholarship

Who Can Apply: The Zonta International Foundation offers the JMK Women in Business Scholarship to promote gender equality. Women pursuing a graduate degree in business may apply.

Amount: $2,000

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Professional Organizations for Organizational Leadership

Graduate students should consider joining professional organizations. With networking and learning opportunities available through events, conferences, and workshops, professional associations offer great resources for graduate students. Student members typically receive access to job boards, relevant research, and professional literature. The list below features a few organizations serving business and organizational leadership professionals.

National Society of Hispanic MBAs

This society supports and advocates for Hispanic business professionals. NSHMBA offers member benefits such as professional development opportunities, a job board, a career center, networking events, conferences, and special member discounts.

American Management Association

A nonprofit educational membership organization, AMA offers training courses, seminars, conferences, and publications. The organization addresses all aspects of business, including management, finance, accounting, and leadership.

Sales and Marketing Executives International

A global nonprofit membership organization, SMEI offers sales and marketing certification programs and professional development courses. Members benefit from a career center and networking events.

National Black MBA Association

NBMBAA dedicates its work to enriching the lives of black youths and professionals. The association provides members with educational, professional development, and networking opportunities.

Business Professionals of America

A member group of student leaders across the country, BPA supports learners pursuing careers in business management and related fields. Member benefits include certification programs, leadership opportunities, and scholarship programs.

The Top 5 Online MBA Programs in Organizational Leadership

Our ranking highlights five of the top online MBA in organizational leadership programs for 2022. These programs combine strong academics with a flexible online format. You can also read on to find out more about how we rank schools.

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