Consultants use their industry expertise to help clients strategize and succeed. MBA management consulting programs prepare students for leadership positions in business by providing them with core business skills in finance, accounting, operations, business analysis, and management. An MBA in consulting remains a popular option for MBA students because of the valuable skills and versatility this concentration provides. Graduates possess the specialized training and strategic thinking skills necessary to help businesses improve efficiency and the broad set of business skills required for any leadership position.

MBA in consulting programs may use different names depending on the school. When searching for a consulting MBA, prospective students may find programs called strategy and consulting, management consulting, or strategic leadership. An MBA strategy consulting program includes advanced coursework in consulting strategy, corporate strategy, and change management. An MBA with a consulting concentration prepares students to go directly into a consulting career should they wish to do so.

Benefits of Choosing an MBA in Consulting

Companies and organizations hire consultants because they want to improve and grow, which may require an outside expert to help. Companies may hope to improve efficiency or do a better job competing in the marketplace. An MBA in consulting prepares learners to help clients develop winning strategies to accomplish these goals. Consulting skills remain highly valuable in the job market, and consultants with proven track records and excellent credentials can command higher salaries. An MBA in consulting will help you stand out to potential employers and clients.

A consulting concentration typically includes advanced courses that train students to analyze a business's goals, performance, and market to offer professional advice on business strategy. Courses cover advanced consulting skills, strategic thinking, using data for decision making, change management, and project management. A consulting concentration includes several electives and does not determine or limit your career options. Consulting skills remain valuable for any business leader and can open the door to a wide variety of business careers.

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