An online MBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship can prepare graduates to start, grow, and manage new businesses. Core MBA classes cover all areas of business management, including finance, organizational structures, information systems management, marketing, and economics.

This page covers what learners can expect from MBA in entrepreneurship programs and the differences between these degrees and other types of online entrepreneurship programs. Prospective students can also find a list of scholarships available to MBA in entrepreneurship programs.

Online MBA in Entrepreneurship Curriculum

MBA in entrepreneurship courses can help students excel in several management careers. The chart below details courses learners may take, the skills they learn, and possible careers.

Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship Management

Technology Strategy and Business Innovation

Managing a Sustainable Small Business

International Business and Strategy

Comparison of Entrepreneurship Master's Degrees

Degree Type Description Potential Career Path
MBA in Entrepreneurship These entrepreneurship degrees give candidates the skills to start new businesses and manage companies as they grow. Core MBA courses include marketing, finance, leadership, and organizational behavior. Specialization courses give graduates skills in venture capital, lean management, and business growth strategies. Leadership roles in startup organizations like chief operating officer, founder, and venture capitalist. These professionals get new business ideas off the ground.
Master's in Entrepreneurship These online entrepreneurship degrees teach many of the same skills as MBAs with this concentration. However, all core business courses focus on how these business functions work in small companies. Students learn about marketing in a cash-strapped startup rather than a global corporation. Founders of local, small businesses. These entrepreneurs wear many hats to keep their companies afloat.
Venture Capital Program These short certificate programs require less time and monetary investment than entrepreneurship degrees. Business professionals attend these seminars to learn how to become venture capitalists, buy businesses, and strike beneficial deals. These programs typically last about one week and focus entirely on the venture capital market. Students should have significant business experience. Investors in startups, including angel investors, venture capitalists, and career entrepreneurs. They find and invest in promising new businesses.
Master's in Leadership These degrees focus on management in all types of organizations, including corporations, small businesses, government organizations, and nonprofits. Students take courses in leadership theory, promoting collaboration, implementing change, and building company cultures. These courses give them the skills they need to manage large groups of employees and affect change within institutions. Managers and top executives in all types of organizations.

Entrepreneurship Scholarships

Scholarships offer entrepreneurial students the chance to supplement their education costs. Learners who pursue MBAs in entrepreneurship qualify for awards aimed at MBA students, entrepreneurship learners, and general business graduate degree candidates. The following list includes some of the scholarships for which these learners can apply.

Scholarship Description
Military MBA Merit Scholarship

Who Can Apply: Former military service members who pursue an MBA at a participating school can apply for this substantial award. Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation, personal essays, and transcripts.

Amount: Varies

Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award

Who Can Apply: This honor society invites all graduate students to apply. Candidates must submit personal essays, explain what they plan to do with their degree, and send letters of recommendation.

Amount: $10,000

LawnStarter Lawntrepreneur Scholarship

Who Can Apply: LawnStarter grants this award to candidates that have owned lawn care companies, manage such organizations at the time of application, or plan to start a lawn care business after graduation.

Amount: $1,000

AfterCollege Business Student Scholarship

Who Can Apply: Business students at all education levels can apply for this scholarship. Candidates should maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA and submit a brief personal statement. Candidates can study any area of business, including entrepreneurship.

Amount: $500

Mary Elizabeth Lockwood Beneventi MBA Scholarship

Who Can Apply: Candidates who attend graduate school at accredited universities, hold a 3.25 GPA or higher, and study business administration can apply for this scholarship. The Daughters of the American Revolution award one of these scholarships each year.

Amount: $2,000

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