The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a 10% growth for all business careers from 2016-2026, a rate faster than the national average for all occupations. This growth is due in part to rapid globalization, making international business careers an increasingly popular option for MBA graduates.

Depending on the career, an international business degree salary can easily exceed $70,000, with some experienced professionals earning $100,000 or more. While no degree can guarantee a specific employment outcome or salary, the data on this page illustrates how an MBA can lead to increased earning potential. This guide explores several international business careers, salary comparisons, expert tips, and popular industry certifications.

What Can You Do With an Online MBA in International Business

Detailed below are three popular MBA in international business jobs. Each table displays the occupation's average salary, a brief description of job duties, and the types of companies at which these professionals often work.

Global Marketing Manager Average Salary: $98,958
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Technology Firms
  • Retail Distributors
  • Wholesale Trade Companies
The daily tasks of these professionals vary according to their industry, but all global marketing managers oversee a global marketing budget, create and execute marketing strategies and campaigns, develop and maintain relationships with business partners, and present reports at company meetings.
International Sales Manager Average Salary: $77,213
  • Sales Companies
  • Large Corporations
  • Technology Firms
  • Healthcare Organizations
International sales managers ensure the smooth export and delivery of goods and services. They coordinate with regional managers, negotiate product sales, and handle customer support issues. International sales managers need to determine current global market trends to promote innovation and maintenance of effective advertising and selling strategies.
International Trade Compliance Manager Average Salary: $85,175
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Retail Distributors
  • Energy Companies
  • Technology Companies
Global trade compliance managers handle all compliance aspects of a company's international trade activities, working to increase productivity and decrease trade-related issues. These professionals verify marketing and trade documentation, authorize major decisions, manage development of trade licenses and agreements, and lead a team of trade professionals to quickly solve compliance issues.
Sources: PayScale

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International Business Pay Comparison

How much you can make with an MBA in international business versus a bachelor's in international business depends on variables including employer, experience level, and position. The following chart illustrates the difference in average pay between international business professionals with a bachelor's degree and those with a master's degree.

Degree Job Average Job Salary
MBA Marketing Director $86,398
Bachelor's International Marketing Manager $73,734
Source: PayScale, 2019

What Certifications and Licenses are Needed for a Career in International Business?

Earning an MBA in international business online or on campus can qualify graduates for many positions in the field; however, some businesses and organizations require managers and other key personnel to hold industry certifications. Certification programs can be challenging and allow professionals to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in areas related to global trade and business. Below are several of the most common international business certification programs.

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