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| Staff Modified on June 3, 2022

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With top employers spanning diverse industries, Wisconsin features a wealth of exciting directions for MBA graduates. The state's top 25 employers include universities, manufacturers, health centers, major retailers, and financial institutions, creating opportunities for graduates of MBA programs in Wisconsin.

Management positions in Wisconsin also rank among the state's top-paying jobs, with marketing managers, financial managers, compensation and benefits managers, and chief executives numbering among the top 30. These professionals earn median annual wages exceeding $100,000. In comparison, CareerOneStop reports Wisconsin's median household income as $56,800.

On this page, prospective students can learn more about online MBA programs in Wisconsin, starting with a list of accredited programs in the state. Additional information includes detailed samples of jobs for MBA graduates in Wisconsin, including salary data and job outlook, plus a look at some of Wisconsin's top industries.

Careers and Salaries for MBA Graduates in Wisconsin

Wisconsin ranks high in terms of cost of living and career opportunities for workers. The state offers relatively low costs for doing business, tax incentives, and other policies to maintain a friendly business climate that spurs investments. Manufacturing, food and beverage, biohealth, and energy lead Wisconsin's industries, according to the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. Employers in these industries and many others rely on a highly educated workforce to continually drive innovation.

A look at Wisconsin's top 50 "hot jobs," as outlined by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, shows that general and operations managers, registered nurses, accountants and auditors, market research analysts, management analysts, human resource specialists, and financial managers take positions in the top 20 of the state's top 50 careers regarding projected annual openings.

Furthermore, sales, financial, and general and operations managers take the first, second, and third spots in terms of "hot jobs" with the highest annual median wages. MBA graduates can qualify for several of the top-paying jobs on the list.

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The following table lists three of the largest employers in Wisconsin, giving prospective MBA students a sampling of the available job opportunities.

CompanyLocationMain IndustryNumber of Employees
University of Wisconsin - Hospital and ClinicMadisonVeterinarian Services16,000
University of Wisconsin - MadisonMadisonEducation14,464
BRP U.S. Inc.SturtevantEngineering Services10,000

Source: Career One Stop

MBA students can develop the business acumen, leadership skills, and specialized training that appeal to employers. MBA program skills seamlessly transfer, given that all industries require senior staff like market research analysts, financial managers, and general and operations managers. MBA schools in Wisconsin also prepare leaders for specific fields. The Wisconsin School of Business offers an MBA concentration in operations and technology management, which prepares learners for careers at STEM-focused firms.

Careers for MBA Grads in Wisconsin

Financial Manager

Financial managers deal with their companies' large-scale financial situations. They ensure that their companies meet financial regulations, report to executives, propose financial strategies, and manage budgeting teams. With an MBA, and particularly with a finance specialization, graduates can understand account management and financial strategies and develop leadership skills.

Wisconsin employed 7,420 financial managers as of May 2018, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). These professionals earned an annual mean wage of $134,850. The Northwestern Wisconsin metropolitan area ranked as the second-highest-paying nonmetropolitan area in the nation, paying an annual mean wage of $139,120. Projections Central expects a 22.8% spike in demand for financial managers in Wisconsin from 2016-2026.

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Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts research the market area relevant to the goods or services their company provides. They analyze poll results and run statistical calculations to make recommendations on marketing tactics and pricing. They also determine which marketing strategies prove effective. Some employers require an MBA, which provides a strong background in market analysis and marketing techniques.

According to the BLS, Wisconsin employed 12,660 market research analysts and marketing specialists as of May 2018. These professionals earned an annual mean wage of $57,710. Projections Central expects a large growth in demand for marketing research analysts in Wisconsin, forecasting a 24.7% rise from 2016-2026.

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General and Operations Manager

General and operations managers work across a variety of departments and industries, depending on their particular specializations. They may oversee areas of a company, such as purchasing or administrative services, where they may schedule and manage staff, handle supplies, and maintain budgets. General and operations managers may pursue an MBA to build foundational leadership and business skills, which may prepare them for career advancement down the line.

Wisconsin employed 33,340 general and operations managers as of May 2018, who earned an annual mean wage of $126,950, according to the BLS. Projections Central expects a statewide occupational growth of 9.6% from 2016-2026.

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Human Resources Manager

Human resources managers deal with personnel-related tasks for their organizations, often taking part in recruiting and hiring processes and administering benefits, mediating disputes, increasing efficiency, and facilitating training. MBAs qualify human resources managers for advancement or jobs in larger companies. The degree prepares graduates to manage a variety of tasks related to staff issues, budgeting, and workplace compliance.

The BLS reports that Wisconsin employed 2,510 human resources managers as of May 2018, and they earned an annual mean wage of $118,330. According to Projections Central, the number of jobs in human resources will increase by 13% from 2016-2026.

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Management Analysts

Typically employed by consulting firms or working independently as self-employed contractors, management analysts research organizations to suggest methods for increased efficiency and cost reduction. They may suggest equipment improvements, organizational restructuring, and procedural changes. Some employers require an MBA, which allows students to specialize in consulting and learn best practices for corporate strategy.

Wisconsin employed 12,170 management analysts as of May 2018, and they earned an annual mean wage of $80,220. Projections Central expects healthy growth in the occupation, forecasting a 16.2% uptick in demand from 2016-2026.

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MBA Concentrations for Wisconsin Students

MBA students can choose specializations that align with key industries in the states where they wish to work. This allows learners to sharpen their skills and prepare to excel in the job market. Wisconsin's key industries include aerospace manufacturing, food and beverage production, manufacturing, and water technology, for which reason students in MBA programs in Wisconsin might benefit from specializations in technology, hospitality, supply chain management, or environmental management.

For detailed information on available MBA concentrations and the job options they may create, visit this page.

Wisconsin's Online MBA Programs

Using this list of online MBA programs in Wisconsin, prospective students can begin their school research with a solid foundation or bolster in-progress research. Because employers seek accredited MBA programs, prospective students should make sure that they enroll in programs holding regional, national, and/or programmatic accreditation. Typically, regional accreditation ensures that an MBA program meets the highest academic standards.

For more information on the importance of MBA program accreditation, visit this page.

  • Cardinal Stritch University

    Milwaukee, WI



    This Wisconsin online MBA program welcomes working professionals. Learners who choose the general MBA plan must earn 36 credits in order to graduate. All MBA candidates at Stritch begin the degree with a graduate seminar introducing them to the program. They then complete core classes in subjects like strategic management of information systems, hiring practices, and organizational financial planning.

    Students who want to add a concentration must take an additional 12 hours of concentration coursework along with the core courses. The school offers concentrations in healthcare management, justice administration, and marketing. All degree candidates end the program with two capstone courses that enable them to apply their skills to real business situations.

    Successful applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited program with a GPA of 2.5 or better. Applicants must also have three years of professional experience with some demonstrated organizational, planning, budgeting, or other managerial duties.

  • Concordia University-Wisconsin

    Mequon, WI



    CUW's dedication to flexibility and academic rigor make it one of the best online MBA programs in Wisconsin. From the moment a candidate applies, CUW makes convenience a top priority. Applicants never need to submit GRE or GMAT scores, and the school accepts up to six transfer credits. Once accepted, students can take as many or few classes as they need per term. Degree candidates can combine online and in-person learning at any of the university's campuses. Flexible scheduling allows working professionals to earn their degrees within two years.

    All MBA candidates take the same eight business courses. Then, MBA students take five classes in their chosen concentration. CUW offers 15 unique concentrations, including communications and public relations, nonprofit management, international business, and human resource management. Candidates can also earn certifications in high-demand subjects, such as Oracle business applications, risk management theory application, and six sigma process.


  • Edgewood College

    Madison, WI



    Edgewood College hosts one of several online MBA programs in Wisconsin that offers accelerated course schedules. Students take classes in eight-week terms. Those who take two courses per semester can graduate in one year. However, learners can take courses at their own pace. Students earn 27 credits in core business classes like operations management, accounting, business ethics, and corporate finance.

    Then, degree candidates take two classes in their desired concentration. They can choose from specializations in health systems leadership, marketing, and organizational development. At the end of the program, learners must complete a four-credit capstone class that brings all of the program learning together.

    New students can begin in the fall, spring, or summer semesters. Applicants must hold a GPA of at least 2.75 from an accredited bachelor's program. They must also demonstrate a score of at least 430 on the GMAT or the equivalent on the GRE. Candidates with GPAs of 3.25 or above can waive the standardized testing requirement.


  • Herzing University

    Madison, WI



    This Wisconsin online MBA helps students develop the practical skills they need to become business leaders. Students at Herzing can choose between specializations in accounting and finance, data analytics, technology management, project management, human resources, and healthcare management. The curriculum contains three business fundamentals courses, and seven core MBA classes. Each concentration option provides students with the choice of at least three elective options. Depending on a student's chosen concentration, this degree may help qualify graduates for certain industry certifications. MBA candidates must complete either a capstone, internship, or international capstone at the end of the program.

    Applicants must complete interviews with admissions specialists at Herzing. If the admissions representatives approve of the candidate after the interview, the prospective student can then submit their application. When students earn acceptance, they must pay their enrollment fees. At that point, the university automatically enrolls learners in the appropriate courses.


  • Lakeland University

    Plymouth, WI



    This Wisconsin online MBA allows learners to design their own concentrations. Students at Lakeland can combine courses to meet their career goals and interests. However, degree candidates who want to follow a structured plan can choose from specializations in a variety of subjects, such as accounting, healthcare management, hospitality management, sports leadership, and finance. To further distinguish themselves, students can also take courses to prepare for professional certification exams. Regardless of specialization, all MBA candidates at Lakeland take eight core business courses. Full-time students can complete the program in about two years while part-time learners often take up to five years.

    Lakeland does not enforce strict GPA or GMAT minimums for applicants. Instead, the admissions committee considers the student holistically. However, the school suggests that applicants hold at least a 2.75 GPA and GMAT scores at or above 500. Candidates must also submit 250-word statements of purpose and current resumes.


  • Milwaukee School of Engineering

    Milwaukee, WI



    MSOE offers one of the best online MBA programs in Wisconsin for professionals who want to manage technology businesses. While the university welcomes students from a variety of backgrounds, it boasts a rich history of turning engineers into business leaders. Degree candidates must earn 30 quarter credits in core classes, which include creating financial intelligence, building value through technology, and enterprise performance optimization. Learners also earn 15 quarter credits in their specialization area. Students can choose between leadership, construction management, and business analytics concentrations.

    Educators can also earn specialized business degrees through MSOE, such as the educational leadership MBA or the STEM leadership MBA, both of which follow different curricula than the other specializations. Applicants to any of these programs should demonstrate a GPA of at least 2.8 to waive the GRE or GMAT requirement. Candidates must also submit two letters of recommendation and hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university.


  • University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

    Eau Claire, WI



    Learners who wonder, "how difficult is the University of Wisconsin's online MBA?" ask the wrong question. Instead, they should focus on how the UWEC program can further their careers. In three years or less, candidates can earn a personalized MBA degree without ever setting foot on campus. The 30-credit program includes 16 credits in core business courses, such as leading a diverse workforce, strategic management in the global environment, and new product development.

    The curriculum also includes 14 credits of business electives in a variety of topics, such as accounting, sustainability, healthcare administration, and international business. Learners can take all of their electives in one area or design well-rounded concentrations.

    Applicants must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution with an undergraduate GPA of at least 2.75. The program also requires a GMAT score of at least 475 or a comparable GRE score.

  • University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

    Whitewater, WI



    UWW offers one of the top online MBA programs in Wisconsin. Learners can customize their program emphasis or choose from 10 different emphases, including IT management, international business, marketing, and international business. UWW offers this 36-credit program in online, on-campus, and hybrid formats. Students can enroll on a full- or part-time basis. Students must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 in order to graduate.

    Learners with bachelor's degrees in business start with graduate courses in management, technology, and economics. Applicants with other educational backgrounds can work with the school's advisers to determine which prerequisites they need to complete before beginning the core coursework. The program welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds, including those with military training, professional experience, and business certifications. UWW's MBA program boasts accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.


  • Viterbo University

    La Crosse, WI



    While Viterbo offers an MBA on campus in Wisconsin, this online MBA in healthcare leadership particularly suits working healthcare professionals seeking career advancement. The coursework for this program consists almost entirely of online components. However, learners must come to campus twice during the program for fewer than three days each time. Learners enter the program as part of a cohort. These cohort groups take seven- or eight-week courses together and graduate in two years. This accelerated timeline accommodates busy professionals.

    In total, students must earn at least 34 credit hours to complete the program. Coursework covers subjects like healthcare systems, population health, outcome improvement, complex systems change, and ethical issues in healthcare. The program culminates with a capstone course. Students who hold bachelor's degrees in non-business majors must additionally take one business foundations course. Applicants should submit transcripts showing a cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 2.75, or 3.0 for their final two years of their undergraduate degree.


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